TOP TEN (feat. Randall Thomas)

Song Description

A whimsical, upbeat song not afraid to poke fun at the music industry. Two different versions with different producers, male or female vocals and styles. Can re-write to remove cigaret reference in lyrics (alternate line available).

Song Length 3:26 Genre Rock - Indie/Low-Fi, Rock - Alternative
Tempo Fast (151 - 170) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Affable, Diplomatic Subject Conformity, Musician
Similar Artists Matchbox Twenty, Third Eye Blind Language English
Era 1990 - 1999


Music & Lyrics by Denise Dimin/Reel2Real Songs

Sometimes I try to write but the words don't come, they can't be sung,
The music don't fit, so I sit and smoke another cigarette.
Though I'm in the mood, the inspiration's not there, I haven't a care
To drag me down and create a sound to turn the public 'round.

My heart's not breakin' so I'm not makin' the Top Ten.
Doin' it again, like when I was down and out.
If it takes a hurt, well, that's too much work
I'm not done yet, tryin' to forget, rememberin' how.

Sometimes I try to write and if I were happy the words would sound snappy
People'd think I was fine with a quick and clever mind and not enough time.
Though I'm in the mood, I don't like to worry so I never hurry
Because I'm fine with a lazy mind and lots of time.

My tunes were played by the hot DJs of the Top Ten.
They played 'em again and again, they called 'em "hit bound".
Well, I remember before when people wanted more
And people knew my name, but it's not the same, when you're comin' down.

Sometimes I try to write but it's hard to feel like anything's real
When time's so tall, I'm nothin' at all, I'm so very small.
Though I'm in the mood, that's likely to change, it's all so strange
If my songs are sad, they expect me to be sad and if I'm not then they're mad.
If my songs are glad, they expect me to be glad and if I'm not then they're mad.

He's all through say the people-who-never-knew-me of the Top Ten.
Doin' it again, they're breakin' another soul
Just 'cause I didn't do like the big guys told me to
Now they don't care, now they don't want to hear, or so I've been told.

Sometimes I wish I could write lyrics and sing
And play with attitude and lots of bling
But it really doesn't matter, we all do our own thing.

Lyrics Denise Dimin Music Denise Dimin
Producer Kim Copeland Productions Performance Randall Thomas
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