Govament Gangsta

Story Behind The Song

It is about the never ending government fight against drug trafficking.

Song Description

About government agent's fight to save his life and let the bad guys know that he is a bad guy for the US government whose mission is to bring the fight anywhere in the world to counter those who would test the US government resolve. He has the authority to kill and do whatever it takes achieve his goals whether he is an ICE agent, CIA, DEA, or Soldier; he is the front line and any that tries to test his defense will pay the ultimate price

Song Length 4:32 Genre Rap - Gangsta, World - World Beat
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Cross Subject Law Enforcement, Crime, Theft
Similar Artists Akon, T-Pain Language Multi-Language
Era 2000 and later


By devon Newell 2/1/12

South of the border
In a land with no order
I am DEA, deep undercover
Cover is blown
Now I gotta go rogue
No help is coming
Got to find a way home
Govament gangsta I don't play
You waan come test me
It be your dying day
Death and destruction left in my wake
Sad to say, no mercy today


I come to shoot em up, Shoot em up
If you not a gangsta, then get low
Get your butts down on tha flo
Here for the gangstas that run the show
Cause I come to
Shoot em up shoot em up
Man, I come to shoot em up, shoot em up

I am a killa, yeah, govament gangsta
Molded and trained to be an infiltrator
Call me ICE, DEA, or SOLDIER
YEAH, doesn't, naw, doesn't really matter
Gun in my hand, yeah, you know I am murda
Liscened to kill any time, any, any, any place sah
Govament gangsta , dem man deh cross any borda
(que lastima, que lastima, El hombre de la ley tun KILLA)
Govament assassin
Man me Cold Blooded
Me have them running
Them screaming, begging and hiding
From my tech nine
Is no escaping
Govament gangsta
I ain't playing

Lyrics Devon Newell Music Devon Newell
Publisher Devon Newell Performance Dee Nevel
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