The Otherside of Midnight

Story Behind The Song

I knew some addicts. Sad people always trying to improve their lives by adding chemistry to their bloodstream.I wrote this song and one called 'New Blood' about them.

Song Description

A 'cautionary fable' about not getting involved with the people in the world of addiction.They're not your friends. The premise being that once your on 'the otherside of midnight' the other world is lost to you.

Song Length 4:07 Genre Blues - Rock, Blues - Modern
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Mixed Vocals
Mood Troubled, Worried Subject Danger, Addiction
Similar Artists Bob Dylan, Steely Dan Language English
Era 2000 and later


The Other Side of Midnight
Words and Music by: c.bowers

To you I'm a stranger and that can't mean anything nice
No, I'm not your Lone Ranger, but I'm gonna give you some friendly advice
You better get outta this place, better leave while you still can
'cause on the other side of midnight they'll be nobody holding your hand

Now I don't know how you got here, I guess you just must've took a wrong turn
But what's going on here is not any of your concern
You better get your rig in motion I can't believe you're not already gone
'cause on the other side of midnight nobody ever goes home

You can be the hero in this cautionary fable, one more soul in need
There's one more place at the supper table but one less mouth to feed
on the other side

You can be the hero in your home movie, one more soul in need
There'll be one more place at the supper table, one less mouth to feed
Oh, no

Now you'd best pay attention, because I'm not gonna say this twice
But the people who live here, you might say that they're not very nice
You might think that you know what I mean but I'll tell you right now that you don't
On the other side of midnight you might 'think' you got away, but you won't

Lyrics Craig Bowers Music Craig Bowers
Producer C.Bowers Publisher C.Bowers
Performance C.Bowers
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