I Need You Now

Story Behind The Song

We all have those days when it feels like we're falling off a cliff and need a hand back up...

Song Length 4:19 Genre Rock - Americana, Folk - Rock
Tempo Slow (71 - 90) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Poignant, Moving Subject Relationship, Sadness
Similar Artists Ryan Adams, Jackson Browne Language English
Era 2000 and later


When I'm lost
Can't find my way
Or see the light
In the middle of the day
I see an ace
Call it a deuce
Can't stop the leak
The wheel's spinning loose

I know it seems
That it's over and done
And it looks like
We're out of luck
Only heaven knows
What time allows
All I can say
Is that I need you now

When I wake
With the morning sun
And see the damage
The night has brung
Is it too late
To start again
Seek shelter
From the driving wind


I don't know
How long it will take
Or if we have enough
Gas in the tank
It's getting harder
And harder to believe
That there will ever come
A day of relief


Nicely done. I liked the vocal style here and the instrumentation was crystal clear! Nice panning effects and piano work. Thanks for sharing!

Holy cow! This song is great.... Gonna have to buy this one.

This is a really nice song! Somewhere between Ryan Adams and coldplay. This song has a place somewhere in tvland. Great stuff!!!

Lyrics Brad Boerger Music Brad Boerger
Producer Billy Pilgrim Performance Brad Boerger, Sue Malloy, Billy Pilgrim

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