When She Digs the Music

Song Length 4:36 Genre Pop - General


When She Digs the Music

Like a shot I clocked you (bang)

With a smile you clocked me too

Saw an angel for the very first time

From such a sweet beginning

Girl you got me reeling

The A-Z listing of come on signs

Don?t think I've lost respect

But I haven't got the time

For playing hard to get (Come on)


Oh my, I think I died

Got the perfect face and body

But she's so choosey

Kick back like heart attack

Hits the club like a hammer

When she digs the music

(Rhythm?s gonna move you from side to side)

Can u dig it?

So now were talking (flirting)

Inhibitions dropping (fading)

You got perfect rhythm and move so fine

The way look to me,

Cuts through the smokescreen

Your eyes tell me what?s on your mind

You?re thinking you should know better

Than a one night stand and a goodbye letter

(come over here)


Rhythm?s gonna move you from side to side

Can u dig it?

It?s such a perfect night

And I don't want you to say goodbye

Is this the only time we have?

Just a sweet one nighter or is it forever?

(I want forever)

They all want to see her dance

See her shake sweat and party

And take their chances (Back off)

Gotta step back cause you're way off track

Boy forget the looks she's giving

She just came to party

(She's a party girl)


Lyrics COSTA Music COSTA
Producer COSTA & Michalis Roussos Publisher BMI
Performance COSTA Label XRC, MediaAudioVisual Greece

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