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Rap - Progressive | Los Angeles, California, United States
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Song Description

The intro track to Chad Michael's first official EP, 'Rain' is a fast-paced journey through Chad's first year-plus living in LA, making music, and learning more about himself and his craft. It is intended to showcase lyrical and verbal diversity of flow and intelligent concepts, while also serving as a statement piece on the present and future of CM's sound.



It's like a pressure inside your soul,
And it pushes up against your ribcage,
Until you can't breathe anymore,
In all honesty,
Nothing really changed yet,
But it all feels different

[Verse One]

I kinda wish you coulda heard the shit that I've heard,
In the past twelve months,
If you could hear how many people told me," don't forget me"
cuz I met their ass like once,
It's amazing (amazing),
Better get used to that,
More bread man lemme get some soup with that,
All business lemme get the suits to match,
But "all-time" mean you gotta make the music last, ay,
But where my muses at?
I mean the real smart girls with the stupid asses,
Type who never late to class
but when that song started playin' she got loose to that
and woke up in the city of angels (city of angels),
Left her halo on the dresser,
Sold her soul for the city of angels,
Left her home cuz her daddy wouldn't let her
everybody under pressure
lemme put it on the record
try to spot me like a leopard
I could drop ya like a leper
lemme take a second,
Tell you what I got up on my schedule,
Forever on every level and I'll get it all cuz I need it,
I only speak when I mean it,
I really feel like I seen it though,
Visions as big as a screen in the theater,
Might lease the two-seater to see if I fit in the seats,
Almost six and a half when I step in the sneaks
so I'm looking above and the sky is descending on me,
Don't got time for what people pretending to be,
I got too much depending on me,
Promises made I'm intending to keep
I been so far ahead of myself I think I'm a descendant of me,
I call it rookie of the year Cam Newton,

I'll take the Heisman too,
Ay, this shit is crazy man


All I can do is explain to you what I was meant to do
all of your friends help you make your decisions
influence your thinking
I'm thinking that we got a shot if we do it right anyways,

Trust me I hear what you're saying,

[Verse Two]

I'ma do it all anyways
Keep your two cents tell me how much a penny weigh
I think my people need something to celebrate
I'm 'bout to walk in the building and renovate
Most of these rappers ain't relevant,
Hip-hop's the room I just mentioned the elephant,
But where's the intelligence?
I see embellishment,
I see a lack of development
I see a body that's lacking a skeleton,
I think I know what to do 'bout it maybe this plane need a new pilot,
Even though nobody wanna let go the controls though,
Cuz even when it crash,
The news said its still a good show,
Everybody watch now,
No one ever shocked now,
Land of the free but your mind on lockdown,
Mu'fuckas laugh when your dreams get shot down,
Standin' on a dirt pile thinkin' they on top now, ay,
Tried to wait for it (tried to wait for it),
Still buyin' shit,
I can't even pay for it, not yet (not yet)
But this sick like it wakes in a cold sweat (oh shit)
Let a rookie put the pro back in progress (progress),
Heard em tell me "no rest for the weary" (no rest),
So I'm grippin' on a wheel in the dark and my vision gettin' blurry (oh yes)
Passin' yellow in the black like a tiger in Missouri,
Told em I'ma make it back and we gon' never to worry (don't stress),
I'ma try to do it fast while I never try to hurry,
Even when the words do,
Might kill me but its meant to encourage you,
If you in the past swear I never tried to hurt you but I'ma start,
Fresh flow with an old school soul,
Never let em know what you hold, show low,
Cover marks on ya heart that could rip you apart, (ay)
How you got everything bright and seen dark from the start?

How does that happen?



Song Length
Rap - Progressive, Rap - Hip Hop
Lead Vocal
Male Vocal
Frenetic, Troubled

Subject Matter
Evolution, Determination

Similar Artist
Logic, Kendrick Lamar, Eminem, G Eazy
2000 and later

Lyric Credits Chad Michael Arechiga
Music Credits Jesse Trujillo
Producer Credits Jesse Trujillo, Chad Michael Arechiga
Publisher Credits cmsound
Performance Credits Chad Michael Arechiga