Recipes By Me

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A fun song about a boy who likes to make up silly recipes, then doesn't feel so well & is happy to eat healthy after all.

Song Length 2:58 Genre Unique - Children, Folk - Rock
Lead Vocal Male Vocal Mood Joyful
Subject Comedy, Funny Language English


"Recipes By Me"
Music and lyrics C 2005 CD Schwartz

Did you know that I love to cook
I'd like to make up my own recipe book (created by me!)
Like chocolate noodle stew topped with fricasseed fondue
It's really delish - just take a whiff
Of recipes by me

Oh, for breakfast I like to mix and whip and fry (I like to fry)
Peppermint pancakes with fresh whipped cream pie (whipped cream pie)
Top it off with a frosty glass of berry juice with lemon snaps
Oh, what a way to start the day
With recipes by me

At school for lunch I have a hunch
I'd like to take a peanut butter, guacamole, and salsa sandwich
With granola crunch and banana smunch
I'll drink an orange cinnamon shake
And top it off with caramel cake
Oh, I'll be the envy of all who see
Recipes by me

But by dinner, I must confess I don't feel so well
My stomach squirms and whines "something normal'd be swell - normal is swell!"
I dream of salad, chicken, brown rice
Oooh, it really would be nice
To have a normal recipe
Recipe by me

So by now you know that I love to cook
I'd like to make up my own recipe book (made up by me!)
When I grow up I want to be
The most original chef that there ever could be
But don't be surprised if sometimes you see
Me eatin' normally (sounds good to me!)
So just give me a call
If you all
Want recipes by me!

Lyrics CD Schwartz Music CD Schwartz
Producer CD Schwartz Performance Vocals: Menashe Schwartz
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