So Beautiful

Story Behind The Song

Inspired by Curtis Mayfield

Song Description

Letting go of the weekly grind

Song Length 4:11 Genre Rap - Hip Hop, Rap - General
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Mixed Vocals
Mood Joyful, Cheerful Subject Dance, Gratitude
Similar Artists Jay-Z Language English
Era 2000 and later


This life we live, oh so beautiful
This love we give,oh so beautiful

Going downtown, worked a full week, going dancing, going dancing
Turned my phone off, throw the chips down, going dancing, going dancing.

Dancing to lover's rock, show you how lovers rock, no rock of love vh1 but love you my rock, Doobies in the air so you know that Paul and Coop in here watching mommy wind up her body like a windmill in here. Illy guitar riffs match the sway of her hips, bass licks she threw her hair while lickin her lips, snare hits while the sweat bead and drip, her eyes are closed Hands is in the air her soul open she don't care who stares.

Chorus... ( This life we live.....

Your skin got that perfect glow, i can sense the pheromones,live and in stereo sound heavy like a baritone, been a rough week i;m brushing off all my woes, brushing up on my two step got me all on my toes, nites like this, the life we live makes me realize how beautiful it all really is, the perfect imperfections,nuances misdirections,the moments and the blessings,the essence in those lessons, Feeling good, feeling great while we travel the states performing music we make, highest height raising stakes all in like a poker tourney, bet it all on this journey, got a purpose and know I'm worth it, Long as were not digressing make for a smooth transition, one step at a time now I'm firm in my position but sometimes just gotta let it all go, let the DJ take control bring it back like a give and go.


Lighting the clouds up,know I could cloud touch the highest heights even when them valleys low, take it all in stride that's just how it go,take it all in stride that's just how it go
To Mr Mayfield to you my hats off, the futures bright, I see us taking off and when the load get heavy I'ma shake it off, I'ma shake it off, I'ma shake it off.

Lyrics Mdot Coop........Marcus Cooper Music P. Brown
Producer Ed Jusko, P. Brown Publisher P.Brown
Performance P. Brown,Ed Jusko, MdotCoop,

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