Oh! What a Liberty!

Story Behind The Song

George Orwell was right all along . . .

Song Length 4:12 Genre Folk - Alternative
Lead Vocal Male Vocal Mood Affable, Cool
Subject Justice, Freedom Similar Artists Jake Thackray
Language English


They're looking at you, they're looking at me,
We're all on CCTV.
I s'pose the powers that be
Would rather watch me than the BBC.
Oh! What a liberty!
Oh! Dear me!

They've got the measure of my face
(My irises are far from commonplace),
So every time I'm passing through
Security, it's déjà vu.
Oh! What a liberty!
Oh! Dear me!

Welcome to the land of the free
(They call it democracy).
Nelson Mandela, glory be! (hang on!)
Glorification's become a felony!
Oh! What a liberty!
Oh! Dear me!

No need to escape abroad
For a city break you can ill afford;
With the coalition's blessing you can laze
In a prison cell for 28 days.
So maybe you'd like to fly away
To that bastion of freedom, the USA.
Uncle Sam would like to know
If all your emails are as pure as the driven snow.

Happy-snapping was once my hobby
Until I snapped a British bobby.
'Don't you point that thing at me!
Don't you know they've passed a law against photography!'
Oh! What a liberty!
Oh! Dear me!

Oh! No! They've gone and done it again,
They've left a laptop on a train.
You may as well trust the Ministry
Of Silly Walks with your ID.
Oh! What a liberty!
Oh! Dear me!

1984 was when
Big Brother shacked up with Big Ben.
All that's left is an elegy,
Privacy is history,
George Orwell's SF fantasy's
Become reality TV.
Welcome to Room 101.
Oh! Rats, come join the fun!

Bye bye, liberty! Bye bye, liberty! Bye bye, liber - tea . . . for two.

Words and music copyright © 2008 James Neilson Graham

Lyrics James Neilson Graham Music James Neilson Graham
Performance James Neilson Graham
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