Cafe Valny

Story Behind The Song

Yes, there are cafes in the Icelandic hinterland

Song Description

Love song to a cafe

Song Length 4:32 Genre Folk - Alternative
Lead Vocal Male Vocal Mood Composed, Endearing
Subject Unrequited Love, Sadness Similar Artists Kurt Weill
Language English


1. Oh! Café Valny, what are you to me?
For sure you're more than a cup of tea.
Oh! Café Valny, your décor's so twee,
You're an island in a stormy sea.
Oh! Egilsstadir's invading my brain.
If it isn't blizzards it's freezing rain.
The ice is cracking under my feet.
Come on there, Valny, turn up the heat!

2. Oh! Café Valny, I love your stew,
Picks me up when I'm feeling blue.
Oh! Café Valny, is it really true
What they say about me - and you?
I know I'm drifting from pillar to post.
You've got the coffee that I love the most.
Oh! Café Valny, take it from me,
I'm going to love you eternally!

3. Oh! Café Valny, just passing by.
It's time this old hobo got dry.
Oh! Café Valny, a sweet lullaby -
It's what I need, I need, I need before I die.
By the grace of Buffy Sainte-Marie,
Give me a taste of your hot coffee.
Oh! Café Valny, take it from me,
I'm going to love you eternally!

Words and music copyright 2009 James Neilson Graham

James Neilson Graham has the talent to be a force in Folk/Americana. His retro poetic lyrics and beautifully crafted melodies are both interesting and unpredictable.

Lyrics James Neilson Graham Music James Neilson Graham
Performance James Neilson Graham
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