Come Back To Me

Story Behind The Song

This song was written after the death of my late husband. There were times when I wished he could just come back to me. This is a very melancholy piano only piece.

Song Description

Instrumental (Piano Only) melancholy piece.

Song Length 5:17 Genre Classical - Romantic, Classical - Contemporary
Tempo Very Slow (Under 70) Lead Vocal Instrumental
Mood Heartbreaking, Moving Subject Crying, Sadness

A very sad, dissonant piece. Excellent in a sad scene reminiscent of "Brian's Song".

Beautiful chordal sequences with some jazz influences in there, mixed in with the classical genre. A mature and emotional piece of music with depth and heart. Performed sensitively and sincerely. The piece took me on a journey and was a pleasure to listen to. It took some rather suprising but lovely turns!

Beautiful, glad I had the chance to listen. I think it is more on the modern side but very romantic. Gorgeous hook, all the best

I like this peaceful and relaxing piano piece that is a great fit for a slow film scene out in nature, e.g. a picnic at the banks of a wide river.
If you listen closer it takes some surprising turns: it moves smoothly but than bring in a harmonization that's not expected, e.g. a surprising turn to major or a modulation into another key. This hooks my attention to the song.
The performance is excellent and keeps the tension throughout the song; the left hand is holding back and introduces each chord as a new event.
I am excited to listen to more of your songs!

The music is deeply emotional. I found myself enjoying every minute as the piano moved from sadness to determination. I wish that I had just a measure of the skill that you have on the piano. I think this would sound wonderful when played live and it definitely could be used in any number of scenes for Film or TV.

one of my favorite techniques, the walk down, always is a great attention getter. the tone on the piano is good, im wondering if this is a Korg?
I would see this piece in a movie for sure, if I was in a & r, i would give it a forward. also, the stop is done artfully, with skill.
I was waiting for the break and was not disappointed in the least.

Nice piece which sounds more of a mix between jazz and New Age. The feel it gives me is that of a person who feels lost and frustrated. Nice piano playing too. You can consider using this piece for film, TV dramas or commercials.

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Publisher Brenda Craven Performance Brenda Craven
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