North Of The Rio Grande

Song Length 3:50 Genre Country - Americana, Country - Contemporary
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Language English Era 2000 and later


North Of The Rio Grande
c2019 Greg Lambert

There's a frightened child in a woman's arms
Trapped in a caravan
The fare is steep, and the river is deep
On the way to the promised land


The sun goes down on another day
In a fractured, weary land
Politicians scream, coyotes howl
North of the Rio Grand

There's a frightened child in a stranger's care
While her mother stays behind
The smuggler's bill is paid in full
In a land that's slowly dying




Poignant, current and a good topic that needs to be addressed. Very good production, arrangement and mix. If it was my song, I would explore increasing the tempo about 10 bpms. I think there is too much time between phrases in the verse, especially the first and second line of the song. Increasing the tempo would help or maybe add some syllables. If I was the producer considering for an artist, I would ask for a re-write if the tempo remained the same. I love topic and believe the story could be developed. With that said, it might really improve the song by just increasing the tempo. Hope this helps! Roy

another masterful work from a great songwriter - this time addressing the tears and fears of those facing an unforgiving border.

Very up to date and makes a great political point. Excellent writing, vocal and instrumental performance. Beautifully produced in every respect. Good luck with it.

Another great song by Greg Lambert, with a lyric of "today" and the immigrant trek to this promised land.
One thing I would have liked with this quality tune, is a bit MORE of a story, more personal in places, maybe not as "matter of fact", but more of a point of view (hidden in metaphor of course), more definitive opinion by the writer, either way. Of course one way or the other, north or south, right or left leaning could piss some off--but so what?
Overall a joy to listen to Greg, in spite of my opinionated comment that i wanted more of a story.

Lyrics Greg Lambert Music Greg Lambert
Producer Railroad Trax Productions Publisher Famous Faces Music
Performance Phillip Moore Label Sunday best Records
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