What If You're Wrong = Original Version

Story Behind The Song

So much violence in the world is committed by those engaged in crimes of hate, whether against someone's colour, creed, ethnicity, gender etc. The song asks "what if you're wrong?", if you believe in an afterlife are you prepared to gamble with it?

Song Description

A rock track compelling those engaged in violence for a cause, whether ideological, criminal, revenge etc. to think about what might be waiting for them if they are wrong.

Song Length 5:12 Genre Rock - General, Pop - Rock
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Mood Moving, Troubled
Subject Violence, Philosophy Language English
Era 2000 and later


© 2015 Lyrics & Music by Bob Bentley
(Original Lyrics)

Opening chord: Dm
Key: F
BPM: 117
Verse One:
They've told you all it's the one true way
Those who don't believe must be made to pay
Your cause is just, it's the only one
The things they demand, they must be done

What if you're wrong in the path you take
Gambling your afterlife on the claims they make
What if you're wrong, won't you be surprised
If you've sold your soul but don't reach paradise

Verse Two:
Like a cuckoo's egg in a friendly nest
Such a simple plan, eliminate the rest
After all these years, have they never learned
If you play with fire, you will get burned

What if you're wrong in the path you take
Gambling your afterlife on the claims they make
What if you're wrong, would you be surprised
If you've sold your soul but don't reach paradise

Verse 3:
How would it feel from the other side
Your wife, your child - would you have cried
When you've done your deeds, when you've imposed your might
How will you free yourself from the ghosts at night

What if you're wrong in the path you take
Gambling your afterlife on the claims they make
What if you're wrong, would you be surprised
If you've sold your soul but don't reach paradise

Verse 3:
We all face the truth, mark my words my friend
You will be found out, at the very end
When you're judged alone, just you, just one
There will be no escape from the things you've done

What if you're wrong in the path you take
Gambling your afterlife on the claims they make
What if you're wrong, won't you be surprised
If you've sold your soul but don't reach paradise

What if you're wrong
What if you're wrong
What if you're wrong

Contact Information: Bob Bentley
Email: bobbentley34@hotmail.com
Website: bobbentleymusic.com

Nice Rocker. Well sung, well performed and well produced. Nice production.

NIce and smooth style rock, The mix and master are solid and the instrumentation really leave an impression! Superb writing, this one will go far...

Good solid song. I'd prefer hearing it in "Rock - Religious" due to the message and lyrics, which would likely get just the right ears on it. Overall a really nice effort.

nice groove from the start, good job on the vocals nice voice. Has kind of an Eagles vibe, well produced and well thought out and recorded. I like the mix and overall feel of the song. Well written and well performed with a good solid rock and roll feel. Very well done, thanks for sharing it. Best of luck to you.

Very well orchestrated and produced rock song! It reminds me of Moody Blues!I really like the guitar noodles in between the singing lines.

Nice overall sound, kind of a "spooky" feel to it and some classical kind of melodies in the guitars and keyboards. Has some unexpected chords and changes that keep it interesting, which I really enjoyed.

I like this song and the overall feel of the song. Has a Foreigner or 70's rock feel. I would add a few things here and there to take it to the next level. Good guitar parts.

The production values are pretty good for Low-Fi category. This tune is a rock country twist of a tale. I dig the bass and drums. The vibe of this tune is easy with the lyrics posing deep and sincere dark questions. Loving it. The Vox fit the song perfect. Liking the guitar lead that peppers the track throughout (ala Santana). Fabulous and tasty. Looking forward to listening to more of this artist work.

Serious message in the lyrics with a very full and lush arrangements. Loved the lead guitar sound/playing and string sound
Kind of took me back some years with the production but it worked with all the sounds working together

Great great guitar work! Song recorded very well. Sounds very well balanced. Love the scaling guitar in the background and all the little guitar pieces here and there. For me the highlight was the music. The vocals are perfect for this sound. The vocals have that wisdom needed to sing these types of lyrics. The audience this is written for will probably connect with the message.

Great cool chord progression, making for a very original sounding song

Lyrics Bob Bentley Music Bob Bentley
Producer Bob Bentley Performance Bob Bentley
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