Story Behind The Song

This is built around a previous collection of pieces under the banner Street Music. Parts have been taken from each piece and reworked to feature the guitar and a fuller orchestral/synth backing. Composed and dedicated to my great grandson who is in the second year of operations and chemotherapy to rid him of a brain tumour.

Song Description

A classical/rock instrumental featuring piano and guitar

Song Length 3:57 Genre Unique - Soundtracks, Rock - Classic
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Instrumental
Mood Poignant, Endearing Era 2000 and later

This is a cool guitar centric thematic piece with nice bluesy leads/solos. The considerate drums/bass parts leave plenty of room for the guitar(s) to work. I could see this used in TV/Film, Video and/or Voiceover production. Good Job!

It is difficult to judge quality of title, as only Bob knows the significance of who Thomas is, and how significant he is in his life. The song has a great soundscape quality and the mix and mastering is excellent.

Bob, Great song. great presentation.
wonderful guitars & piano.
loving all the instrumentation.
would love to hear a vocal representation.
you rock.

This fellow, Thomas, certainly has inspired the best in you, Bob.

This song has a lovely sound overall. But it seems to be like several song sections strung together without meaning. I'm an old school songwriter: verse, chorus, verse, chorus, bridge, verse, chorus. This song does not have that, or seemingly any, structure. There are no verses or choruses. It's like a big long bridge.

I did keep thinking that it could be used in sync licensing where they would use a section here or there for background music in a tv show or movie.

Really great, Bob. I was caught up in this!

Very good song Bob.

I thought this was an excellent tune! I am not a fan of instrumental tracks particularly and often find myself thinking up words to fit to the instrumental. Not this time-the instrumental version is more than enough. I thought the mood it created was incredible and in the space of one song, my take on the mood and theme went from one of despair to one of hope to one of poignancy. Hence the title, "Dark Hope Prevails" could be seen as a sad, poignant track about despair but the skilful instrumentation meant it could equally be seen as a song about hope and positivity. I actually really loved this track...thank you for sending it!
My only suggestion in terms of how it could be further improved would be to bring the wailing, lead guitar forward more often. I felt that at times, the song was crying out for the guitar to be more 'front and centre' and not quite so locked away at the back. For me, the guitar acted as the voice of hope.
Have a great Christmas, Bob!

Music Bob Bentley Producer Bob Bentley
Performance Bob Bentley
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