The Moonlight

Story Behind The Song

Just one of those that comes through a sudden phrase "we used to own the moonlight" meaning we had it all. Now, not so!

Song Description

A fast blues about watching other guys dancing with the one who walked out on you.

Song Length 3:20 Genre Blues - Modern, Jazz - Fusion
Tempo Medium Fast (131 - 150) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Heartbreaking, Troubled Subject Heartbreak, Lost Love
Similar Artists John Mayall Language English
Era 2000 and later


Words and Music by Bob Bentley
©Nov 2018

Verse 1. Its been hard tonight, watching people dance with you
Seeing other guys and knowing what they're trying to do.

Chorus 1. We used to own the moonlight, the planets and the stars
But you gave it all away when you went and broke my heart

Verse 2. It's been a year or more, I'd put memories behind
But seeing you tonight brought them flooding back to mind

Chorus 2. We used to own the moonlight, the planets and the stars
But you threw it all away when you went and broke my heart

Bridge It's not that I'm alone now, but I haven't been the same,
I never know how long they'll stay
I'd change it all, no questions and no blame
If we could one more time ride the milky way

Verse 3. I've had a hard time coping with reality
I've had to realise the way it's going to be

Chorus 3. We used to own the moonlight, the planets and the stars
But then you gave it all away when you went and broke my heart
We used to own the moonlight, I never thought you'd go
Now I'm looking from the outside, and you don't even know

Repeats You broke my heart
We used to own the moonlight,

Contact Information: Bob Bentley

Nice jazzy blues track with quite good vocals. Arrangements are neat and the overall production (mix / mastering) sounds up to the standards. All is in place

Nice feel and interesting enhancement to the Blues style with added instrumentation as ear candy along the way, good lyric about owning the moonlight - very relatable theme of broken heart that still hurts. Could find a place in a TV or Movie scene to support the story and/or mood

What a cool song!. Clean/clear vocals, nice lyrics and a solid rhythm section.

Well written , recorded, song. Good lyric and arrangement. Very typical of modern song construction and execution; that's not meant as a knock either. This definitely more than blues; kinda country, jazz-like (sax work). A mix IMO
Nice bridge, chords and melody

The vocals are really good. The instruments are really good! Nice song, I loved it!!

A nice smokey nostalgic blues track. The lyrics convey a story that just might have some weight to them for the singer. Possibly a true event?? I could be wrong though. Either way not bad. The song has a vibe that reminds me of a cool jazz n blues establishment my wife and I go too on occasion for some live outdoor entertainment on Sundays for blues n brunch. Can't go wrong with a song that reminds a person listening to it of something that makes them smile. Good job!!

Moody , bluesy , that woman got me down blues. Pretty solid arrangement , everything is in place. Smokey , gravelly voice fits just fine. Well done.

Wow, what a great blues break up song! I love the way the songwriter uses the planetary/stars metaphor in the song, coupling it with the present reality of the angst of seeing her dancing with other men. Great word pictures and lyric writing. VERY sing-able, catchy chorus. Love the way you returned to the metaphor in the bridge - riding the milky way - very creative phrase. The sax is great, as is all the instrumentation. Excellent vocal. Someone worked very hard to make this track shine.

Did you like specific instrumental parts- somewhat
lyrics--I like the hook but want more specific lyrics that played to the hook.
What artist does it remind me of---Bobby Caldwell

Really nice and emotionally touching tune with really good instrumentation--very soulful brass. Pleasing vocals that put you to mind somewhat of Kenny Rogers.

I like the chord structure of the song.

nice tune just great giving a good feel

Tasty, nice harmonies! Really like the chorus, lyrics and all, bridge is a nice contrast.

Great job on the vocal. This is very listenable.

nice guitar tone and lines..good tune

Amazing job Bob, like usual!
Keep doing this wonderful songs,
All the best!

Hi Bob, it's a great song with a good Clapton/JJ Cale vibe to it, I am sure it would make a great soundtrack song. The only criticism is the into, it is far too abrupt, almost as if the song started in the wrong place. Other than that it's a real winner.

Your vocal really is reminiscent of Kenny Rogers. Nicely done.
The musical style...even though you allude to kind of hard to pinpoint. There are bluesy elements for sure. But there's also some sophisticated jazz harmonics. And the overall feel is 70's/80's pop rock /soft jazz. I feel that a slowed down version would convey the emotion that the song is trying to convey lyrically a lot better.
Just my thoughts Bob.


Lyrics Bob Bentley Music Bob Bentley
Producer Bob Bentley Performance Bob Bentley

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