Street Music Suite

Story Behind The Song

Originally composed for a film project but rewritten and rerecorded in Jan 2015 as a themed suite for TV or Film

Song Description

A suite of 4 instrumental pieces in a similar/matching vein covering a range of emotions: Anger Denial Freedom Hope Would suit a variety of moody street, crime or family situations.

Song Length 7:43 Genre Pop - Rock, Rock - Easy Listening
Tempo Slow (71 - 90) Lead Vocal Instrumental
Mood Composed, Poignant Subject Spirituality, Crime, Theft
Era 2000 and later

I think the song has good market potential for rotation in airports, hotels and play backs for automated call in centers. Very calm and chill but more exciting then the typical elevator music.

Killer guitar tone! A soft & catchy melody throughout, but I really enjoy the lead guitar work. Nicely done!

terrific production guality
mix is super solid - lots of space sonically

Very haunting and beautiful piece with a great riff and great strings. This should make really good background music for any number of projects.

This song is very relaxing to listen to & i very much enjoyed it. This song would be perfect for television or a movie etc.........

Thematic. Could be used in many applications. Very charming track. Whatever the writer is trying to evoke it reels the listener right to that spot. Very nice.

Lyrics NA Music Bob Bentley
Producer Bob Bentley Performance Bob Bentley
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