Out Of The Equation - B3D Mix

Story Behind The Song

Recorded and produced this song in Aug 2017. Was selected for the BJ Opportunity "Enter To Win An Opportunity To Have Your Song Mixed By Top NYC Production Team". This version is the outcome of that opportunity. What a transformation!

Song Length 5:13 Genre Country - Rock, Rock - General
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Glad, Delighted Subject Breaking Up, General
Language English Era 2000 and later


Verse One:
She left early in the morning and she won't be back
She made her way down that familiar track
She wiped her eyes as she pulled the door
She's moving on, she wont be back no more

He doesn't know about this situation
Simple truth - he's out of the equation.

Verse Two:
All these years she's just been grinded down
Then she met a good man from the other side of town
He wont abuse her, never treat her bad
She's had enough of feeling dirty and sad

Breaking free is just so amazin'
That man - he's out of the equation.

New life's waiting just around the bend
Keep looking forward till you see the light
Got a feeling what you need now is a person that'll be a friend
One things for certain you've earned your time and this time is going to be right

Verse 3:
Her big mistake was moving in at first
Things started out bad and they just got worse
She never really loved him from that very first year
But slapped her down to make her stay in fear

Now she can give out all the love she's been saving
Give it to the man - now he's part of the equation

Guitar solo

Verse 4
Chances are that he won't mind too much
Perhaps he'll even find himself a woman's touch
If she's selling her love to buy the next beer
And she's not too fussy who she lets get near

He's too dumb, no imagination
No more chances, no investigation
All those years, all the deep frustration
No holding back from the jubilation
New man - he's part of the equation

LOVE the hook! Never heard this one before! I like the melody too. It sticks in my mind.

Shades of Dire Straits ! Great vocal , supported by an equally enjoyable backing .

Country meets a pop rock tune.. nicely done reminded me of the eagles.

Awesome track. Lead singer has a beautiful raspy tone.

Nice groove man!! Love this

Strong Country song! Excellent Vocal work! Great production and love the balance of Vocals to Instrumentation. Hearing the lyrics and appreciating the singer! Well done!

Lyrics Bob Bentley Music Bob Bentley
Producer B3D Music NYC. Performance Bob Bentley
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