Night Of Love - Greg Lambert (Orchestral Mix)

Story Behind The Song

This is Greg Lambert's song. When I heard it for the first time I was immediately taken by both the melody and the lyrics. It was being performed by the very talented Julia Schmidt (who I have worked with previously) with a very effective guitar accompaniment. I thought there might be room for another version with a fuller sound and suggested i had a go at arranging it. I'm very pleased that both Greg and Julia were in full agreement and a very successful collaboration began.

Song Description

A beautiful Christmas song written by Greg Lambert, performed by Julia Schmidt and arranged by Bob Bentley

Song Length 5:21 Genre Country - Religious, Pop - Religious
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Mood Peaceful Subject Spirituality
Language English


Night of Love
© Greg Lambert 2012

All the stars were bright against the sky
Songs of Angels filled the night
On that evening

Mary kissed her child and softly prayed
By the bed St. Joseph made
Out of wood and hay


Praise God!
Up in Heaven
In His Spirit
High above

Praise God!
In the manger
On this night of love

All around the world time stood still
All creation in His will
Earth and Heaven

Songs of peace and joy and hymns of praise
Rang throughout this day of days
And this holy night


All the stars were bright against the sky
Songs of angels filled the night
Christmas evening

Mary held her child so safe and warm
Unto us a child is born
Saints and angels sing...


Peace on Earth, Alleluia...

Wonderfully delivered Christian Contemporary/ Folk. A great vocalist delivering top notch lyrics. Pro production all around. Well done

Just a beautiful bed of music...or should I say "manger"...very marketable in the religious music genre....I'd loved to hear this as an instrumental...guitar lead...

Nice airy sound! Very nice vocal and instrumentation. Lyrics flow nicely.

Really strong second verse. "All around the world time stood still... all creation in His will... earth and heaven" Great writing. Vocals and the classical guitar make this really nice.

Wonderful Christmas tune.

There are voices that I never get tired of hearing of. There are voices that are a joy to hear. There are voices that are a gift from God. This is one of them. In this beautiful Christmas song, the artist lifts us up with her voice to praise God with the angels and saints as we look down on the beautiful picture she has painted of the nativity of Christ with her lyrics. Instrumentation is absolutely perfect for this piece; production flawless. The artist gets special praise for writing a Christmas song that is truly CHRISTmas, not secular, and pulls it off without sounding trite at all. The ending is truly angelic. Whoever produced this...Bravo!

Pretty, pretty song. I could see it all happening! What a gorgeous vocal to tell the story. This could easily be used for a religious Christmas movie. Definitely peaceful and relaxing. Made me feel hopeful and remember the true meaning of Christmas. Lovely job. The artist is obviously blessed by the Lord to spread the word!

well done. Arrangement serves the song and lyrics well. Vocals are spot on. Paints a picture of that special night quite well.

I loved the soft guitar licks in the intro of the song. You have a very pretty voice and you sang the song with lots of emotion. I could see this working in a relgious film or for an artist in the CCM. I don't know if I would classify this as Country, it is more a Contemporary Christian song.I love songs that praise God, I enjoyed listening to it.

good voice, even though I like deeper spiritual songs, it was peaceful and I'm sure pleasing to God

Beautiful voice, very soothing.

I like the guitar and the intro. Nice female vocal and lyrics! Love the subject of the lyrics. Very moving. Words are very clear. From the heart!

Lyrics Greg Lambert Music Greg Lambert
Producer Phillip Moore/Bob Bentley Performance Julia Schmidt/Phillip Moore/Bob Bentley
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