Lost Lives

Story Behind The Song

Although the storyline is not the same, this song was inspired by a very hard-hitting film, Girl Lost. It deals with the difficulties of trying to break the cycle of poverty, drugs, drink and prostitution from one generation to the next. The mother has her own problems so has little or no time for her own family welfare. In this case she exploits her own daughter.

Song Description

This is not a happy song but a sad story of poverty, prostitution and tragedy. It focuses on the impact on the next generation of a mother just trying to get by the only way she sees available to her.

Song Length 4:04 Genre Pop - Rock, Rock - General
Tempo Slow (71 - 90) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Moving, Troubled Subject Daughter, Sadness
Language English Era 2000 and later


Lost Lives
© 2018 Lyrics & Music by Bob Bentley
(Inspired by the film Girl Lost)

Verse 1
She lost her life some time ago
When when they moved in with the man and she couldn't tell him no
Whenever they were left alone he'd ignore her cries
You need a roof over your heads, just close your eyes.
Just close your eyes

Chorus 1
Believe us now my daughter's gone, we did everything we could
To keep her out of harm's way, to teach her to be good
My man and I looked after her we kept her clothed and dry
It's not our fault we couldn't know she'd run off with some guy...
She never even called us
In spite of everything we've done

Verse 2
She lost her life, some time ago
Living on the streets serving men she didn't know
Taking stuff to help her out and sleeping in the park
And all the time extinguishing that last remaining spark
That final spark

The tv team is on it's way they say that she's been found
I'd better look my best for all these cameras coming round
There might be money in it for us babe, we've both been so upset
I might just call the papers to see what we can get....

Verse 3
She lost her life for good one Summer night
They found her body curled up her eyes shut very tight
Too many drugs they said but no one really knows
It's very sad they said, we never found her clothes......
Goodbye God Bless

Chorus 2
Believe us now my daughter's gone, we did everything we could
To keep her out of harm's way, to teach her to be good
My man and I looked after her 'tried to keep her clothed and dry
It's not our fault she disappeared, she never told me why

Not a single phonecall

In spite of everything we've done
In spite of everything we've done

nice production - vocals nice and clear, you can hear the lyrics easily, while the vocal track doesn't dominate - just sits right in the pocket.

the story being told is a tragic and poignant one

This is an amazing production! Congratulations Bob!

This sounds like a personal song, though Bob says it was based on a film. It is a very poignant song, for me personally it would be difficult to place, as the lyrics are very specific, as it tells a specific story, and a specific name. This song would be great for Bob producing a personal album.

Nice song. Sets the mood up right at the top. Title gives it away.
Very nice mix. I'd love to have heard a little more instrumentation build. I dig that you wanted to keep it pretty stark, but I think adding some stings to underscore the mood might be nice.
Good solid vocals.
Overall, a strong song with a deep theme.

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