Little One

Story Behind The Song

Since rearranged and rerecorded in February 2018, this song was initially inspired by my granddaughter when she was about 4 years of age - some time ago. I was wondering what the future might hold and what might be in store for her.

Song Description

A ballad to be sung by an adult expressing love and protection for a child in the family or in some way in their care. A song of hope and inspiration.

Song Length 4:43 Genre Pop - Alternative, Country - Alternative
Tempo Slow (71 - 90) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Peaceful, Content Subject Love for Child, You, Yours
Language English Era 2000 and later


Little One
© 1997 Lyrics & Music by Bob Bentley
Key: C/C#

Verse One:
Little one there's lots to learn along the way,
it really fascinates me watching you each day
You are too young yet to be looking far ahead
But I'm old enough to wonder as you climb the stairs to bed

Verse Two:
I sometimes watch you as you stare into space,
I try to read your mind by the look upon your face
Oh the joy there when all the world is good
Hurt and frustration when you're misunderstood

We'll be beside you, we'll be beside you
To help and guide you
All the way

Verse Three:
Little one those blue eyes melt my soul and take my breath away
But you don't realise the times we hope and pray
Nothing's gonna break that heart or cause you to feel pain
Knowing only too well, it's all in the game

The day will come when you will go out on your own
All too soon that moment will be near
Little one don't forget there'll always be a home
And when you call us we will hear, we will hear

We'll be beside you, we'll be beside you
To love and guide you
All the way

Verse Four:
This world is full of traps for you, it's not an easy place
Those you cannot trust, things you wont want to face
Through these years ahead, there's one thing you must know
Little one we'll be there, wherever you may go

We'll be beside you, we'll be beside you
To love and guide you
All the way, all the way

My Little One

Oh my Little One

Contact Information: Bob Bentley

Very touching and warm song. Definitely has the potential to sound in family movie!

Okay, I'm jealous! I wish I could sing like this! I listened to this gentle melody and thought, hey, this one's good! No wait, it's great. It has the unique richness (do we call that substance?) coupled with meaningful lyrics about the wonder of a small child growing up. It is sung with...and here it comes...that gentle, understanding voice that works for this song like no other. It builds up masterfully to the comforting "We'll be beside you." It keeps your interest by changing keys making the song seemingly fly towards heaven.

This is really nice song

Very nicely done. Just the right amount of instrumentation and laid back feel so that the vocals and lyrics stand out. The lead vocal works very well with this type of song, very soothing to the ears. Just enough harmonies to make it interesting and underpin the lead. Enjoyed it very much.

very nice warm production with a strong vocal track and just the right amount of string wash.

Enjoyed the lyrics, very sweet and sincere and the vocals highlighted them well, with a melody that is right in the pocket with a cadence that never feels rushed, even when there are more syllables in some lines than others.

Nice ode to someone's child. The strength here is really in the songwriting.

There are some ageless, universal songs that are meant to be heard by millions. This is one of those songs. It's a parent's song of love for their child, so beautifully written and performed. The authenticity, wisdom, and love seeps through every lyric. This could be sung at bedtime; it could be sung at a graduation ceremony. Chorus is simple... and simply beautiful. Love the way your repeated the "we will be beside you" twice. Key change is placed perfectly. Instrumentation flawless. Production and mix excellent. Background female vocal is understated but effective. Bravo!!!

Very touching, moving and soulful piece with ideal instrumentation. Great arrangement.

stunning intro which immediately brings you in followed by a smooth vocal delivery. This is all delivered with a lot of feeling both from the voice and playing. The whole track is so well put together, its sensitive, emotional and very listenable - great work

Enjoyed it from the beginning. Great voice!! I loved the instruments as well; great production!! Can see this getting lots of placements.

Nice musical backing, well mixed and blended, very nicely done with a good variety of instruments and dynamic. The modulation adds a extra touch. Nice job!

This is a really catchy song. The chord progression is very strong. Strong message in the lyric. Lovely guitar and electric piano..I'm a big fan of the electric piano. Characterful vocal performance which sells the song really well.

Lyrics Bob Bentley Music Bob Bentley
Producer Bob Bentley Publisher NA
Performance Bob Bentley Label NA
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