Knock 'Em Dead

Story Behind The Song

Just a bit of fun discovered while jamming away on the guitar.

Song Description

You can go a long way just by believing in yourself, looking good and giving your best smile

Song Length 4:12 Genre Pop - Rock, Country - Americana
Tempo Medium Fast (131 - 150) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Cool, Welcoming Subject Encouragement, Determination
Similar Artists Dire Straights Language English
Era 2000 and later


© 2015 Lyrics & Music by Bob Bentley
Verse One:

When you've been put down, feeling torn inside
You can always win, if you keep your pride
Don't ever let them feel, they're any better than you
Whenever your in doubt there's something you can do

Chorus One:

Look them in the eye
Hold up your head and
Use your very best smile instead
Knock em dead, knock em dead


There's people out there like to treat you small
Supposed to hang on every word they've said
One sure way to be bigger than them all
To go out and knock em dead

Verse 2:

It's a big bad world, gotta play the game
If they dish the dirt, you gotta do the same
If they're gonna fight get your kick in first
If it's gotta be done, then do your worst

Chorus One:
Look them in the eye
Hold up your head and
Use your very best smile instead
Knock em dead, knock em dead

Verse 3:

So when it all goes wrong, when your world is tough
Just remind yourself, you are good enough
There is no one there, worth a patch on you
So when they piss you off, there's something you must do

Chorus One:
Look them in the eye
Hold up your head and
Use your very best smile instead
Knock em dead, knock em dead

Chorus One:
And If that doesn't work
Hold up your head and
Hit them very hard instead
Knock em dead, knock em dead

Guitar work is nice, moves the piece along. Tele?

I really like this song. The production is terrific, and the arrangement is really solid. I love the chorus, it is super catchy and I can see this playing on a TV sitcom, think along the lines of Dukes of Hazard, etc. I like the vocals too, they are soothing, not too in your face and not too boring either.

Check out Guitar George. He knows all the chords. If you're familiar with that sound, this is sure to please! The catchy toe tapping tune grabbed me and easy sing along lyrics with that encouraging message is an infectious combination adds up to nothing less than a great song! You'll sing this out on sidewalk or in your car and you'll feel good again! This is a songwriter who knows his craft. Now after catching my breath I have to say this is a song I have to go back and savor the lovely guitar work arranged with keyboards and steady rhythmic drums. This is a crowd pleaser. Well, go listen to it. It'll knock you dead!

Very cool guitar work here, great job. Clearly can hear the lyrics, which I need in a well written tune--accomplished clear as a bell.
like the movement to this allot. And than you for a clear "hook/title" to identify with! Too many don't do that anymore...this sounds like the writing of Bob Bentley, one helluva writer...
cheers, keep knocking 'em dead!

love the mix, good instrumentation and cool guitar work throughout

Arrangement works well with a nice chord structure and nice resolution to the song.

Very Knoffleresque and there's nothing wrong with that!

nice Dire Straights feel to this one. good work

+ intro sets up song nicely
+ instrumentation/arrangement fits this country-pop genre great
+ lead vocal is strong and has nice quality to it
+ lyric has a message that is positive and universal
+ nice med-tempo feel, good driving/chill track
+ backing instrumental lines are well-done
+ quality performance and recording !

liked the concept/lyrical theme. good track enjoyed listening. has a nice steady country rhythm and cool vibe to it.

Lyrics Bob Bentley Music Bob Bentley
Producer Bob Bentley Performance Bob Bentley
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