Falling Away

Story Behind The Song

This song originated from Susan Odella who very kindly asked me to collaborate with her to complete it. We had been talking about a collab for a while and this was the perfect material. The song evolved into something we are both proud of. It became a bit more rocky than I think either of us was expecting, but we feel it has worked well. Thank you Susan for a very enjoyable collaboration.

Song Description

A medium paced rock song with a sad vibe reflecting on how everything changes, not always for the best.

Song Length 3:53 Genre Pop - Rock, Rock - Easy Listening
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Mood Poignant, Heartbreaking Subject Lost Love, Sadness
Similar Artists Fleetwood Mac Language English
Era 2000 and later


┬ęSusan Odella & Bob Bentley August 2019

Key: C

Verse 1
Rain melts on the roses, petals in the breeze
Leaves reveal their colors, slipping from the trees
Hands that held each other, now are torn apart
Reaching for another helpless, lonely hearts

Falling away, Falling away
Nothing lasts for evermore, Falling away, Falling away

Verse 2
Sun fades into darkness, shadows claim the light
Slice of moon up in the sky, in a starless night
Surrounded by so many, once upon a time
Now the world feels empty, you're no longer mine

Falling away, Falling away
Nothing lasts for evermore, Falling away, Falling away

Hard to tell when we're wrong or we're right, as our life flashes by
'Til we learn it can all fall away, in the blink of an eye - in the blink of an eye

Falling away, Falling away
Nothing lasts for evermore, Falling away, Falling away

Falling away, Falling away
Nothing lasts for evermore, Falling away, Falling away

Right from the start you can tell by the heavy haunting melody that this relationship is near its end. Lyrically, the despair is very well crafted and is almost overwhelming. This is what terrific songwriting is supposed to do: a marriage of very emotional music that fills the spaces between and through the expressive words. Beautiful, soft, and syrupy vocals and well played instrumentation completes this terrific song.

smooth vocal, like the track, great lead licks. Hearing a small bit of Fleetwood Mac influence,,,Christine McVie maybe?

Thesis sure to find a home....

love the guitar work and the guitar tone - very understated Knoffleresque. The lyrics are very nice, although, while I understand the vision of rain dripping off of a petal like it was melting, I was a bit taken back by the idea of rain melting...

the recording is solid and really liked the ending of the song.

the harmony vocals are really nice as well

Love the intro and the overall music of this track. The vocalist does not sound like Stevie Nicks, but I hear Fleetwood Mac and/or Stevie Nicks (solo) singing this song. It's a nice song with good lyrics that tell a nice story. Good production too. I played it three times just to make sure I covered everything that I wanted to cover in this review.

Great sound. Great subject. I like it. Nicely done! Guitar is powerfully played. Love that last chord. Great ending.

This song has a kind of Fleetwood Mac vibe or maybe Heart. I think it would work really well in a TV or film soundtrack. The instrumentation is excellent, as are the vocals. I feel perhaps a strong harmony line would have accentuated the song, but other than that., Excellent.

Amazing job Bob! You are one of my favourite artists on Broadjam. Congratulations and good luck with this wonderful song!
All the best!

Hi Pal ... form's too long mate. Great sound ... big mix ... think the Bass should be pumping this track. Great guitar work as always pal. Hear splashes of Fleetwood and Dire S. Over all very nice sir. Would like to hear a tighter mix.

* * * * *

J out

I really enjoyed this song Bob and Susan! My only minor peeve is that when I too often bitch to "some" (not either of you...) to pound the hook/title more. Well you did so for sure, but IMO maybe a bit too much later on? Only other minor thing is Susan's vocal, I think it could use LESS reverb action, it is a mystical type song, but my personal taste likes to here a bit more of the natural vocal...
But hell that's bitchin' about minor things. Well done, and I'm jealous that two of the FEW on BJ I truly admire and respect musically got to work together! Maybe someday I'll come up with something we can ALL work on...
Peace and thanks for the listen.
Warren Hein
ps--i broke my own rule and listened again...LOL...i will stick with my maybe 1 chorus too many of falling aways...but again, i'll stick with great work guys!

Lyrics Susan Odella & Bob Bentley Music Susan Odella & Bob Bentley
Producer Bob Bentley Publisher Plutonia Productions
Performance Susan Odella & Bob Bentley

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