Demons In Your Darkness

Story Behind The Song

Written back in 2003 and originally recorded on a 4 track cassette deck, the song has been resurrected and re-recorded in Feb 2015. It has always been one of my favourites because it just rolled out with a great rock groove and the style lends itself to my guitar playing.

Song Description

Upbeat rock song. The subject has demons which will not allow her/him to commit to relationships. They are reluctant to do anything about it.

Song Length 5:06 Genre Blues - Rock, Rock - Americana
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Troubled, Poignant Subject General, Unrequited Love
Similar Artists The Eagles, Jackson Browne Language English
Era 2000 and later


Demons In Your Darkness
Bob Bentley
Key: F (Dm)
BPM: 85

Verse 1. You tell me that your frightened, you say you've got the blues
But I can't look you in the eye
When everyone you deal with always has to lose
I don't know why you're so surprised

Chorus You got demons in your darkness
They're trying to take control
You got demons in your darkness
Inside your very soul

Verse 2. I've seen you in action, I've seen how they believe
I've seen just how the innocent get hurt
When you're only getting pleasure from your power to deceive
By grinding other people in the dirt

Chorus There are demons in your darkness
They're trying to take control
You got demons in your darkness
Inside your very soul

Bridge Yes they're out there in the darkness and you never really know
when they might just appear
When you're falling for someone those demons seem to show
That's what you really fear, that's what you really fear

Verse 3. So you're out there in the darkness with people you don't know
Your not inclined to move towards the light
There's no way of knowing just how far this will go
No one else can win your fight

Chorus You got demons in your darkness
They're trying to take control
You got demons in your darkness
They're in your very soul

Bridge So you tell me you can't help it, it was always meant to be
Part of some evil plan
But if you've got the will, you've got the power
to decide your destiny
Baby you don't give a damn, you don't give a damn

Guitar solo

Bridge Yes they're out there in the darkness and you never really know
when they might just appear
When you're falling for someone those demons seem to show
That's what you really fear, that's what you really fear

Demons in you darkness, demons in your darkness

Copyright © Bob Bentley September 2003

Solid recording.

good feel and a comfortable listen... really like the added nuances in instrumentation in the stereo field that put a style on top of typical blues form... demons in your darkness is a good phrase - unique enough to make one stop and wonder what it means.... song could have a place in the right movie or TV scene

Getting a bit of an Allan Parsons vibe from this song. Good groove and the song moves really well. Very well done.

Strong track all the way through,sonically sound, great changes and mood as well as emotion, i see this one playing in a scene in "Days Of Thunder"
LC Team

Great tune, a dark blues. Good arrangement, solid lyrics, voice appropriate to style. Believe it or not, I know this woman. There is at least one in every club . Two if you're lucky.

Really cool feel ...nice lyric..well put together song..vocal sounds a little like Steven Stills

Great song. Great work.

This song "grabbed" me right from the intro. The vocal phrasing was very good. Excellent instrumentation throughout; I usually want more bass, but you had it just right. I really liked tie double lead guitar interplay. Your bridge kept the tune interesting. High quality recording with, hopefully commercial applications.

Powerful song. Kickin' it

Rockin' blues number well-written. Good stuff!

Very smooth Blues groove. It's listed as Country Rock, but I think putting this in Blues would get the right ears on it. Well-written song with excellent blend on the instruments. Could easily be used in a film/TV sequence, especially the instrumental version.

Great track and vocals to match to vibe and style. Lyrics, hook, and recording was also nice. This has a 80's vibe to me. I love it! Great job!

Another Bob Bentley hit!! Good job, my friend. Loved this jazzy song. From the lyrics to the melody, superb. Great voice, as well.

reminds me of the music Alice Cooper always made. a darker side of music. we are all fighting demons in this life. the good news is we can win with free will.

Original content, really enjoyed the lyrics! This song grooves for days. Reminds me of Phil Collins meets Don Henley. Great visuals in this song, and I feel like the musical arrangement really adds to the overall "feel" of the song. It feels a little bit dark, with a little bit of attitude. I really enjoyed listening to this song!

Awesome Song. Lyrics are top-notch, melody, everything about it screams "Put me in a movie". 5 stars.

Wow! Great song. The lyrics are really good. I can hear Don Henley doing this song.

I like the sound of the drums and I also like the lead vocals, great bridge as well.

This reminded me of the Eagles southern rock kind of music that I loved from the seventies and early eighties. I liked the southern rock Vibe to it. I liked the song , you performed it pretty well. The arrangement was nice and it flowed very well. You have a deep voice that makes this type of song sound really cool.

Lyrics Bob Bentley Music Bob Bentley
Producer Bob Bentley Performance Bob Bentley
Label NA
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