Cowboys and Indians - Bob Bentley

Story Behind The Song

As a youngster I was completely fascinated by western films and what I imagined was the cowboy lifestyle. This song is autobiographical of my time growing up in Dublin, where I even saw Roy Rogers and Trigger in a Dublin Theatre! This version is shortened by about a minute and is still longer than is ideal.

Song Description

Reflections of a boyhood spent fascinated by Western Films and Cowboys and Indians.

Song Length 4:16 Genre Country - Contemporary, Country - Traditional
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Poignant, Peaceful Subject Life, General
Similar Artists Kenny Rogers, The Eagles Language English
Era 2000 and later


© 2013 Lyrics & Music by Bob Bentley

Verse One:
Growing up as a young boy his life could be tough
But just being a cowboy was always enough
He carried a sixgun, and he never felt strange
An imaginary horse on a make believe range

Hey Mr Cowboy, so quick on the draw
The finest gunslinger your street ever saw
Amigos around you, some young as eight
The Cowboys and Indians of the Springfield Estate

Verse Two:
Each Saturday morning he breathed every scene
As he sat in the movies eyes glued to the screen
He lived every moment, in the flickering light
And he hoped he would dream of his heroes at night

High Noons and bar rooms and men hard as nails
Wagon trains rolling down old dusty trails
Tumbleweed blown through the streets of some town
Shane riding out with the sun going down

Verse Three:
Though the years have gone by, as he sits in the shade
He recalls very clearly the games that they played
They rode through the school yards, they rode through the park
Through the badlands and the prairies, until it grew dark

So Mr Cowboy, you can hang up your gun
Relax on the front porch your work is all done
The frontier is safe now, your legend is great
Amongst the Cowboys and Indians of the Springfield Estate

Bob Bentley - Songwriter and Composer

Member: Guild Of International Songwriters and Composers

Great story

I liked the lyrics and overall enjoyed the song and the idea.
Nice concept and homage. I'm an older guy so it worked for me.

Wonderful Cowboy tune!! Terrific Story, the tune just mozies along musically and lyrically in a GOOD WAY!!! Reminds me of Saturday Matinee movies, that me and my brother use to go to. That really terrific Cowboy way of life, innocent but real and honest....wish that life style still existed? Well, it certainly does in this piece of incredible music! Hats-off to you Buckaroos.........

I like it. I'm old enough to have grown up playing cowboys and Indians. Well done and well played.

It's a good story, with lots of good imagery. The singer does a good job of painting the picture. All of us who grew up playing games like this - not video games - can sure relate to what a wonderful, imaginative childhood we shared.

I enjoyed this cowboy story song. Nice descriptive lines and
great feeling.

Love the playing on this. Bass playing and sound is very good. Good cowboy theme. A good concept, and the lyrics support it well. Chorus is catchy. This moves along very well and has good energy.

I liked the storyline of this song. It took me back to my younger days. The song flowed really well and had a great story line, which is what Country music is all about. It has an "old Country" feel too it, which was refreshing to listen to. Nicely written and presented.

Good voice idea was cool

Good full instrumentation. I can tell you didn't skimp on the track

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