Caledonia 2017

Story Behind The Song

One of my earliest instrumentals which has potential but has never quite seemed right to me. Newly arranged and remastered, it might just be getting there?

Song Description

A melodic Celtic theme featuring several lead instruments from acoustic and rock guitars to Uilleann pipes.

Song Length 4:14 Genre Unique - Soundtracks, World - Celtic
Tempo Very Slow (Under 70) Lead Vocal Instrumental
Mood Relaxed, Tranquil Subject Imagination, Spirituality
Era 2000 and later

A pleasant and familiar arrangement that makes a listener feel comfortable, loved, and safe. A very nice guitar performance. Well mixed and mastered.

Engineering and Musicianship were solid. Easy on the ears and seems like rom-com montage music.

This is a lovely and sensation track track, i can see it in a scene from the movie "Love Story"...The emotion in it is next level! Thanks for sharing!
LC Team

Beautiful background piece, nice variety of instruments and pretty musical lines.

Now this is an excellent piece! The bagpipes at the beginning hit every right note for me which had me hooked straight from the start (which is a good thing). The song is quite the romantic piece in my opinion, and each instrument is used very well. I loved the guitar -- so sweet and heartwarming. I truly enjoyed listening to this.

awesome work, perfect soundtrack music

Great composition and arrangement. It kind of gave me an outdoor in the country: bacon, sausage and egg vibe.

Boy! A Disney movie? what a sound! Soundtrack for sure. If there's not a movie out there that wants this I'll write one today!

Music Bob Bentley Producer Bob Bentley
Performance Bob Bentley
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