Story Behind The Song

Of all the songs I have ever written, this one is probably if I can say it without sounding arrogant, in my top three favorite songs. I wrote it having only spent a few brief hours in NYC and so depended heavily on some dear friends, Dave and Betty Daffi

Song Description

This great city is recognized all over the world as a symbol of American prosperity, power and decadence. Rich or poor, all of us need God in our lives.

Song Length 5:01 Genre Pop - Religious
Tempo Multiple Tempos Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Era 1980 - 1989



Lord, won?t you come out to New York?
Come to the city of power, the city of pain
From Washington Square out to Central Park
5th Avenue stretches out like a golden chain
Where night is day and day is night
The taxi horns and flashing lights
And people rushing everywhere

Last night another nameless face died
This morning they found her OD?d in the alleyway
Near Avenue C on the east side
Where nobody missed her, nobody cried or prayed
Where the nightlife is life and death
And the hearts are cold as winter?s breath
Can nothing keep out such despair?

And down Park Avenue
On the sunny side of New York
They sit in their penthouse, and eat caviar and read the stock report
They?ll merchandise you
On the sunny side of New York
You know that they?ll buy you long
And then they?ll sell you short
?cause it?s dog eat dog and bite your nails
and shopping sprees at Bloomingdale?s
but diamonds can?t keep out despair

So Lord, won?t you come out to New York?
Come to the city of power the city of pain
Where the rich get richer and pop the corks
And the ragged people sleep out in the rain
Where everyone is out of sorts
And your question gets a sharp retort
But have mercy, mercy on us Lord

Cause we?re New York

Lyrics bob Ayala Music Bob Ayala
Producer Bill Maxwell Publisher Creation Heart Music 1985
Performance ASCAP Label Creation Heart Record/PGR
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