Story Behind The Song

This was inspired by watching my nieces go through puberty and trying to help them with occasional advice?but I was old you know, in my 20?s. This originally appeared on my ?RESCUED? album which I recorded in 1985 while working on staff with Last Days Mi

Song Description

With the onset of puberty, Heidi struggles through dealing with peer pressure and dealing with the opposite sex.

Song Length 4:28 Genre Folk - Contemporary
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Language English



You were caught in a changing world
And you started going through some changes of your own
You had to say goodbye to the little girl
And say hello to the someone you?d never known
Well those teen-age blues?they had to come
And you never felt so all alone before
You couldn?t talk to your dad or your Mom
So you did all your hurting? behind your bedroom door

And the world keeps turning
Turning much too fast
And you were churning
And how long would this last?Heidi

You did everything the way it was done
By everyone who was anyone in your school
Deep inside sometimes you knew you were wrong
But it seemed so much better than looking like some kind of fool
And Heidi you got yourself over your head
With a sweet talking? boy who made you feel like a pretty girl
You knew that he loved you?that?s what he said
But it was hit and run and he left you in some kind of whirl

And the world keeps turning
And the boys were much too fast
But you were learning
How to catch their forward pass

And in the name of love they will use you
Leave you empty in the end
Yeah this big old world can confuse you
Do you need some kind, need some kind of friend?Heidi

Heidi God watches you stare in the mirror
While you wait for the princess to finally appear in view
But He?s looking deeper than a young man could care
While He waits to awaken the princess inside of you
And Heidi God watches you there in the night
While you lie awake and dream of the perfect love
He saved all your tears and He keeps them in site
He knows all your longings and all that you?re dreaming of

And the world keeps turning
As He holds it in His hand
And He keeps yearning
That you find His perfect plan

Lyrics Bob Ayala Music Bob Ayala
Producer Bob Ayala Publisher Creation Heart Music 1985
Performance ASCAP
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