The Burn

Song Length 2:50 Genre Rock - General, Pop - Rock
Lead Vocal Male Vocal Mood Troubled, Welcoming
Subject Life, Unrequited Love


The Burn 2:50
(William Manchester)

Verse 1.
She said, that jokers run wild and she needs something less stable in her life, she wants to bleed, just to feel alive, she can?t go on living this lie

She wants to run, through the fields and be free
She wants to fly and touch the sun and feel the burn

Verse 2.
Well she said, that she?s got to go, and she?s sorry but there?s just things I?ll never know and there?s a part of her that?s longing to awake and she needs this time, to make her break

Well there?s only one life that we all must lead
Whether it?s wrong or it?s right, it?s what sets us free

Verse 3.
And she said, that she?s not looking back, because this life, just ain?t where its at, from her pedestal she?s coming down and she needs to live, both feet on the ground

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