Song Length 5:13 Genre Rock - General, Rock - Alternative
Lead Vocal Male Vocal Subject Addiction, Alchohol, Beer, Wine


Addiction 5:13 (William Manchester)

Verse 1:
Looked in the mirror didn?t recognize my own face, your love is a poison flowing through my veins, I know that it?s you who made me feel this way, I was a freeman but now I?m your slave.
I tried to run, but you pull me your way, you tell me lies and you make me believe. I know it?s my fault, all these things I let you do, maybe someday I?ll face a moment of truth.

Let your flames fall down over me, you can cut me but you can?t make me bleed, and I know it?s so hard to change, but how can I love something that I can not tame?

Verse 2:
I saw the Devil in the bottom of my glass, well he just stared back at me and laughed, he said, ?Boy, I?ve heard this story before and you?ll be back before you even hit that door.?

Verse 3:
I?ve been living this way for years and I?m tired of running away from my fears, when I feel so cold and alone, that old bottle just seems to call me home.
Sold my soul about a thousand times, I meet an angel he told me it was never mine, Lord knows if I keep living this way, my twelfth step will be my grave.

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