Theory Of Life

Song Length 3:38 Genre Unique - Unclassified
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Instrumental

I like the spacey synth sounds that come in now and then

Interesting hook and smooth beat. I'd like to hear some lyrics with this. Interesting descending loops in the middle of the song. Nice work.

Great chord progression. Loved the breakdown!

Some nice chord progressions in there.

I have to asume this is a track is a que or track for a video game. Just focusing in the track it self it seemed like it didn't go anywhere. Once I heard the first 16 bars, I had pretty much heard it all. I thought the detuned oscillators in one of the sounds was very distracting. I guess if I were playing a video game while listening, it would have gone right by me. Having said all of this, the track was not bad at all, I just think I'm listening for a song and what I heard was a track. I have them as well so I understand.

recording is good for what it is. descent little verse melody

good beat, synthy sound simple but hypnotic.

As I said - it sounds intriguing and I love the associated use of melody

Music Luminous Dynamiks Producer Brandon Durrah/ B. Dura
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MrJackBrickhouse a.k.a Shades Hear Me Out! 5/1/2013
MrJackBrickhouse a.k.a Shades Good Music 5/1/2013

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