Story Behind The Song

I was randomly looking up a 'B" word in the dictionary. upon arriving in the "B" section I was shocked at the amount of amazing "B" words! I was stuck on that page for hours. The poem kinda wrote itself, with a little help from me, and tad bit of "bra

Song Description

A song about the importance of trying new things. To be willing to risk looking like a fully live!

Song Length 2:51 Genre Pop - Alternative



Behold the bravery in being a beginner
a bloody bloom beneath the bird cage
Behold the bravery in walking backwards
begging to belong to yourself
Behold the bravery in being a beginner
To be the beloved bell that listens
the booming bear who balances between worlds
Behold the bravery
Biting into one?s bizarre beaten track
of their behavior
I?m gonna face the bang bang battles of blame
trickle down of family flame
buried birthmarks soon to burst
a bloody bloom but first
Behold the bravery in being a because
for someone else
In the moment of their baffled brow
you put their blizzard on the burner of
?I believe in you? and they burst
Behold a buffet of butterflies
blossoming into bridges
balancing between worlds
Behold the bravery in being a beginner
brilliant in your bewilderment
Behold the bravery in being a beginner
bruised in the blush of becoming

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