Under the Fogbell

Song Length 4:42 Genre Country - Alternative, Unique - Unclassified
Tempo Slow (71 - 90) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Heartbreaking Language English


Words by Benjamin Wood (c) 2008

shortly I'll awake to find an empty house
a badly furnished space and magnolia walls
when I once had someone
when I once loved someone
it was enough

the ships are out so early from the harbour
but none of them will meet under the fogbell tonight
because they all have someone
they all love someone
and that's enough

the mirror in the hallway won't reflect it
and the creaking doorway hinges just won't tell it to me straight
that if I could have someone
if I could hold someone
if I could love someone
and really know someone
that's enough
that's enough

love does not die lightly, oh it will not tie a leather belt around its neck and kick away the stool and hang like a punch-bag, strain the eaves above the polished floor, resigned. it will not drink hemlock from the chalice nor curl its lips around the pistol, swallow down escape pills, jump from glass shelves of apartment blocks. no, love holds on, retires to a quiet corner of the countryside. it makes the heart a farmstead, re-homes its well-worn furniture, in the pain of emptied rooms, hiding cracks with anaglypta, threadbare Christmas tinsel and sentimental cards. it clings to everything that it remembers, setting down its carriage clock upon the mantelpiece and all its pictures hooked askew, and wartime music on the pianola, proud that it refused the golden handshake.

Lyrics Benjamin Wood Music Arbiter Deputy
Producer Arbiter Deputy Performance Benjamin Wood (vox, guitar); Nicholas Wood (guitar, vox, piano)
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