I Hope I Don't Bleed On Your Carpet

Song Description

A young girl's feelings of being misused after making out at a party.

Song Length 3:57 Genre Pop - Rock
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Similar Artists Garbage Language English



You came inside my temple,
But not to worship me
And now you stand there with a stupid smirk on your face
So that everyone can see.

I?ll get over that you took my youth
But did you have to take my self-respect?
Now I?ll lie here and lick my wounds
And think about the future you just wrecked

I hope I don?t bleed on your carpet
Now you?ve gone and stabbed me in the back
And I hope you?re feeling much better now
Having treated me like that.

But in future, just for the record
There?s a few things that I think you should know
Like this girl wasn?t born without feelings
That?s why these tears, these tears are beginning to flow.

I?m lying under these coats on the bed
Wond?rin? if I can stand up and face the crowd
Trying to remember the things that you said
Oh, whats the point, for crying out loud!

And I crossed some kind of line tonight
And I will survive!!!!!
Ah, ah?., ah, ah???

So you there Mr. God?s gift to women
Well I hope you had your fun
And you can tell everybody what a big man you are
But to me you?re still the little, little one!

Copyright © 2006 Andy Goggin

Lyrics Andy Goggin Music Andy Goggin
Producer Jeff Severson Performance Vocals - Kris Fath

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