If I Could Be the One

Song Description

This was written specifically for an album placement opportunity.

Song Length 3:30 Genre Rock - Roots/Rock n' Roll, Pop - Rock
Tempo Medium Fast (131 - 150) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood In High Spirits, Welcoming Subject Attracted, Crush, Love at First Sight
Language English Era 2000 and later


If I Could Be the One
You know I must say
That I know I can't be without you.
If only some way
You could give me a sign that you want me too.
Could you tell me just a little what you're wanting to see?
Because I could be anything that you want me to be.
You know I don't  know quite what I'm trying to say.
But could you take this invitation from me anyway?
If I could be the one
I need you so badly for the rest of my life
Do you hear what I say?
If I could be the one
It could make us so happy for the rest of our lives
For the rest of our days.
You are so fine.
I can't stop thinking  about you.
Please give me some sign.
I need to believe that you want me too.
Because I can't stop hoping what you're going to say
When I ask you who you're thinking about every day.
Can you see how I feel when I look in your eyes
Do you believe what I'm telling you this time?
This time?
Now there is something
Tough to admit but you know it's true
I'm getting so tired.
Of waiting around, it seems that's all I do
You know I can't stop thinking what I want to believe.
Could you take a little time and maybe look at me?
And I don't understand why you're trying to hide.
Won't you take a little chance with me this time?
This time?

Lyrics andy blackwood Music andy blackwood
Producer andy blackwood Publisher none
Performance andy blackwood Label none
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