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Pop - Rock | Los Angeles, California, United States
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Song Description

The enjoyment of being in a dream state and not wanting it to end. The concept of holding on to your dreams, especially those that are unfinished.

Story Behind the Song

A haunting melody that came into my head. The words came to me after hearing the melody. We wanted the vibe to be trance-like, dream-like and/or hypnotic.


y from Durham, CT., she now makes Los Angeles her h e.

I Got a Feelin'
Black Label Bad
Shinin' My Light
Lost And Found
Paper Thin
Stalk Me
These Walls
Unfinished Dream

I Got a Feelin’

Stringy jeans an empty fridge
Too many beers last night but I’m up without a hitch
Sun on my face wind in my hair
Walkin’ down the street today-good feeling ‘s in the air

I got a feelin’
Doesn’t have to be a reason
I got a feelin’

Spinnin’ ‘round the parking lot
A brand new shopping cart’s all the wheels I got
Walkin’ by the record store
They’re playin’ my favorite song- I don’t need anything more

Whatcha got-whatcha got?
Not a lot- not a lot
But I got a feelin’ to hold on to
Whatcha got- whatcha got?
Not a lot- not a lot
But I got this feelin’ to hold on to


Some days are made for hangin’ out
Cool breeze through my screen door no time for any doubt
Nothing’s changed- I’m in the same spot
But I’m taking a moment here- I’m enjoying what I got

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Black Label Bad

Whenever I’ve had a bad day
And I’m tired of bein’ a good girl
I go down to the bar at the other end of town
Where no one knows me

I let my hair down
Put my red, high heel boots on- turn up my favorite song
Line up three shots of Johnny Walker Black
Toss ‘em back
And my night begins

They call me bad, black label bad
The best you’ll never have
No guilt, no shame, no conscience to blame
The cadillac of bad
Black label bad

At my desk I hear the calling
At the fax machine I want to scream
In the lunch room the boss talks dirty to me
And I am set free- I gotta go home and change

On the dance floor
I scan the room for a hot shot
I reel him in until the hook’s set deep
I toss him back
The night is young


Just do what I want and like what you do
I want to be the only one
Talkin’ dirty when you’re through


Oh- It’s amazing what a girl can do
When she throws a little curve at you
No guilt, no shame no conscience to blame
The Cadillac of bad
Black label bad
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Shinin’ My Light

The time had come to move out on my own
Leave our life behind
Our friends and our home
We’d come to the end there wasn’t much more we could do
It was time to take a chance and start on something new

So I’m…
Shinin’ my light at the other end of town
Feel like that skyline come crashin’ on down
Hopin’ I find some steady ground
Shinin’ my light at the other end of town

The phone doesn’t ring
I don’t know the neighborhood
Sidewalks all seem darker and my furniture doesn’t fit like it should
I’m feeling lonely lost in my new space

Spending hours in the mirror trying to recognize my face

But I’m…


I’m on the edge of my life ahead
Out of the shadows of my pain
I’m feeling stronger now
There’s a new life in my veins

If I could just hold on-------And I’m…

First Verse

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I was too young and you were too wild

I felt numb inside you seemed so alive

Along came those lonely nights
Nights you can’t do anything right

Little did I know
I was falling fast and sinking in your soul

I was walkin’ the tightrope
Thin line between love and hate
High flyin’ without a net
It shouldn’t be so complicated

Deserted here the earth kept spinin’ ‘round
You didn’t seem to care silly girl unknown town

But I thought the glue would hold tight
Thought we’d conquer everything in sight

Little did I know
I was fallin’ fast and sinking in your soul


You just wanted to keep me down
Turn my back and you’d push me to the ground
Were you scared I’d make to the other side?

When I found legs and a place to breathe
I rose up a flower from a seed

But I guess I grew a bit too much
And the pink slippers couldn’t grip enough

Little did I know
I had fallen through the dark side
Fallen through the dark side of your soul
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Lost and Found

You give me
A glimpse of something
I've never had
I've never known

I picked the petals off the ground
Gave ‘em to you without thinking
I was surprised what it meant to you

But you held them to your face
Inhaled their scent
Caressed them in the hollow of your palm

As you took me by the arm
Kissed me so deeply
Something broke free inside I wanted to cry

In a dark room dusty on a shelf
Used to hangin’ out by itself
Under a bed in a dangerous place
At the bottom of lost and found

My heart never knew
The things that it could do

Until you came around
Stealin’ my heart from lost and found
Stealin’ my heart from lost and found

Rushed past the corner through the gate
Followed you without thinking
Opened your door and let the light spill in

The feelings you wake
The way my heart aches
Makes me realize the emptiness inside

You must have read my mind
Pulled me close to dance
You knew when to lead and when to let go

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Paper Thin

I don’t want to stroke your ego
Stare and hang all over you
I don’t want to sit beside you
In the shadow of the brilliant things you do

I wonder if you’ll ever know
The many sides there are of me
I’m not your drug
To use and abuse and confuse with your fantasy

Let me out
Of this box you’ve created
I’m paper thin
In this one dimension you’ve got me in

It’s not about
Bein’ shot down or deflated
Carved up pressed in a cookie cutter tin
Cut into a doll that’s paper thin

First you seemed so interested
I had so much to offer you said
Now it’s all about me lookin’ good
Makin’ sure your basic needs are met

Do I pose a threat?
Just by saying what I want to say
Hate to throw you off
Break your rhythm-get in your way


Let me go
Leave it like this
You won’t even know what you missed
The undiscovered truth behind my kiss

Wonder if you’ll ever know
The many sides there are of me
I’m not your drug
To use and abuse and confuse with your fantasy


I’m paper thin
Oh yeah
Paper thin
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Stalk Me

Stalk me
I know you want to
Watch me
From the window

Call me on the phone
Read my mail
When you know that I’m not home

Drag me into your nightmare
I can feel what you’re capable of
You’ve made me into an object
But I can’t change your life

How I regret
The smile that I gave
How I regret
That I ever called your name

I’m a fly
Caught in your spider web
Will my demise be my only fame


I know you're near me
But there’s no where to hide
Trapped in my fish bowl
The thought of you sends shivers down my spine


Stalk me
Try and talk to me
Follow me and watch my every step

Don’t stalk me
Or try and talk to me
Don’t follow me and come breathing down my neck

Don’t stalk me
Try and talk to me
Leave me alone just pretend I don’t exist

Don’t stalk me
Try and talk to me
Erase your mind of that one fatal-Kisssss………….
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These Walls

These walls I’ve built are good for me
I don’t have to feel and you’ll never see
The way I feel inside
I’ve found a place to hide
I’m walkin’ tall got it figured out
How to skate above the world

But you’re catchin’ up to me after class
With your new age words and a fresh attack
Hoping for a break
For the walls to liquidate
A glimpse at what you’re dying to see
A softer and more vulnerable me

You’ll never know what I’ve had to see
You have no idea what it’s like bein’ me
I’m not some prisoner that you have to set free
I built these walls, these walls are home to me

These walls have gotten me this far
Protected me right from the start
It’s got nothing to do with you
Everything to do with you
Nothing wrong with healthy skepticism
A little defense mechanism


I want to leave this place behind
Find a place of my own to shine
Float above the trees
Numb to everything but the breeze
Climbing higher and higher
Feelin’ lighter and ligher

I’m not some prisoner you have to set free
I built these walls these walls are home to me

Maybe you’re right when I get there
I’ll wonder who I am and why I feel so alone
But for now I feel safer on my own
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Unfinished Dream

Like early morning mist burned by the sun
Like a glass smooth lake shattered by a stone
Or the breath beneath a fire gasping on ash
The fingers of a dream become unclasped

Don’t slip away
Unfinished dream
Don’t slip away
Unfinished dream

Dreams of the future
Dreams of the past
Dreams are meant to last

Don’t ever let me wake from this state
It’s just the way I want it right here
In crystal waters my fragile line is cast
And everything I dream’s within my grasp

Stay with me
Like the man at the edge of time
Staring into space
Laughter lines etched in my lover’s face, face


Song Length
Pop - Alternative

Lyric Credits Andrea Harper
Music Credits Andrea Harper & Trinidad Sanchez
Producer Credits Denny Weston, Jr.
Performance Credits Denny Weston Jr., Andrea Harper, Rachel Marvin