Mercy's Shore (Chris Fry, Vocal)

Song Length 3:28 Genre Pop - Religious, Jazz - Religious


Vocal by Chris Fry

Like Children at home on the desert
a playground of sand, stone, and dust
In this place of our birth we hunger and thirst
and seek a horizon we trust
We wander the hills and the valleys
searching this infinite land
feeling the cost of boundaries lost
we fall to our knees in the sand

His mercy flows like a river
washing us clean like we were once before
Carries us on to the place we belong
on the banks of His Mercy's shore

This desert, it once was a garden
a beautiful place just for us
but we chose to know, and we chose to go
and leave it behind in the dust
So as it was in the beginning
so it shall be in the end
we become new, when our journey's through
and return to the garden again

Where His mercy flows like a river
washes us clean like we were long before
carries us on to the place we belong
on the banks of His mercy's shore


(c) 2007 Craig Anderson

Lyrics Craig Anderson Music Craig Anderson
Producer Craig Anderson Performance Chris Fry
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