Vistors pass (Not produced rewrite)

Story Behind The Song

About someone who is missing her mother in Heaven.

Song Length 3:45 Genre Country - Americana, Country - Alternative


Visitors Pass
By Nathan Sennett & Amy Abernathy

She was raised in the south where the grass is green
Oh how life changed when she was seventeen
Her mama slipped away through pearly gates
Leaving her a two year old sister to raise
She stepped into mammas shoes that day,

Had to grow up faster than a teen should
Made a few mistakes did the best she could
But dreamed of seeing mama face to face

If Heaven had a visitors pass
She would be up for the task
To spread her wings and fly
And bring a dozen red roses
while looking in each other's eyes
And say mom I'm doing alright
If there was a favor to ask
She'd pray for heaven's visitors pass.

She hopes that her mother knows God opened doors
And married a man she truly adores
If she could spend a day within heavens walls
There would be happy times many stories to tell
With a sweet embrace where angels dwell

Now little sisters got an art degree
Big brothers in the movie industry
But they would all enjoy one more day.

It may not be forever
For a mother and a daughter
'Cause one day they'll be together again

A Beautiful flowing tribute to the person who brings us into this world. Great lyrical presentation and it is well sung. Production is great and the simplistic and acoustic nature of the song emphasis's the words.

Lyrics Amy Abernathy/ Nathan Sennett Music Nathan Sennett
Producer Nathan Sennet Performance Nathan
Label BMI
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