What's that sound?

Song Length 3:57 Genre Rap - Hip Hop
Lead Vocal Male Vocal Language English
Era 2000 and later


I get in to the game they who ya wit iam from palm beach county man that?s my city in the spot muthufuckus getting real wild iam bout to find some hoes put um on my speed dial I keep on sippen man in da mean while iam searching for a bad bitch wit uh mean smile on Hennessey and coke oh iam uh fiend now uh couple more shots nega and iam leant now head to the floor time to cause a scean now gutbox on me trying to pull my jeans down my high not coming down got plenty weed now mechev on me nega so iam clean now all the ladies wanna put um on my team every body high and drunk on the scean now we bout to take dis party to the extreme now so every body got wild when the heard the chorus say.

Partying down town its all ways on five in the morning iam not even trying to get home last call for alcohol two shots of patron I was calming down but that put me back in the zone dj play this song again before ya boy get gone iam uh seduce me uh gutbox who wanna get boned its like crack they want leave me lone do what u want to each is on we up in vip blowen on dat chech and chong clematis after dark girls showing me they thong iam standing on the couch like iam the king of the throne cause every body in this bitch krunk off my song so let me show u dudes how I do it get real lean den see ya boy stay clean like and got a pocket full of green like now sing

All yeh whats dat sound pass dat dutche around its going down every body up in the place lit now say ahh yeh whats dat sound pass dem bottles around its going down every body up in the place leant now gone head do ya thing like uh uh get real krunk like uh uh grab lil moma like uh uh tell her drop it to the floor like uh uh girl work dem hips like uh uh girl twroke dat shit like uh uh we keep it jumping in dis bitch like uh uh da speakers thumping on the hit like uh uh

Lyrics Breon Hicks Music Breon Hicks
Producer Breon Hicks Publisher ALPHA OMEGA ENTERTAINMENT
Clean Clean

Clean Clean

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