Like Dis Like Dat

Song Length 4:01 Genre Rap - Hip Hop
Lead Vocal Male Vocal Subject Making Love
Language English Era 2000 and later


Now gone head and tell daddy how ya like it see ya voice get me excited the way u recite it got cha legs wide open told me that iam invited iam all ready on swole its to big to try to hide stripe down to nothing like uh swimmer bout to dive in I pulled out the toys and said lets get live den ok see this my type of party smoking on uh blunt thinking how iam uh get that body its time to get dirty sexy naghty matter fact lets get this tape player recording trust me uh lot of people need to watch us iam the freak doctor u need big dick then I got cha iam uh hit cha all kind of ways yeah iam uh rock ya I don?t wanna be ya man I be the imposter you good wit cha mouth and hands then you on my roster hit cha wit the pipe you scream loud as an opera then I said

She got her legs around my neck I got my tongue on her thigh see the scean heating up climax bout to rise all she said was q-da-man just take me high see she still on her back legs up in the sky so I lick her one time and she vibrating now then I put it in man and the girl scream loud if this uh sex fight then iam uh beat cha down knock the competition out u wont see the third round cause after the first one bust it wont drop down go harder and nasty er she wont stop now from side to side from the front to the back now lets gone head and sit up we done already layed down iam in the chair mommie cam to straddle me ridden the stick mean like she made at me no pain no gain inside she feeling real happy lock her legs around my waist see she trying to trap me then I said

Do you like it like this or do u like it like that well iam uh give it to you like this give it to you like that just throw it right

Lyrics Breon Hicks Music Breon Hicks
Producer Breon Hicks Publisher ALPHA OMEGA ENTERTAINMENT
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