Special Guest

Song Length 3:54 Genre Pop - Alternative, Pop - General
Lead Vocal Male Vocal Mood Gloomy, Passive
Subject Lost Love, Sadness Similar Artists Chris Isaak; Depeche Mode; Lana Del Rey
Language English


Rainy days are coming over
Just like those we used to play
Difference is you're not around
So it won't be the same
I am lost and unprepared to
Rearrange my life for the best
Still afraid I'm never meeting my special guest

That's what it feels like
when all the pain inside your heart is too deep to hide
That's what it feels like
When you are not next to the one that can make you smile
But I can't forget all the things we share I can'y forget
And I can't forget the pretty jokes, the way you smile

All these lonely nights I'm crying
Missing you in my guest room
beers and drugs reveals the path
and I'll be with you soon
Memories just like a movie
treats me just like a slave
there will be no tomorrow
RIP says my grave


I just can't live cannot see
you're a blur to me
you're not here fallen tears I can barely reach
somewhere I can find you
I won't give up I will reach to the very end, come to me little treat I'll let you be bad
like the way you wanted
just like the way you wanted


Lyrics Felipe Abrahao Producer Rique Azevedo; Joao Milliet
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