Without A Tear In Your Eye

Song Length 4:01 Genre Rock - Alternative, Rock - General
Lead Vocal Male Vocal Language English
Era 2000 and later


When you?re out on the run
After the deed is done
Can?t ignore what I see
Just can?t look away while you?re free

Whether I?m right or I?m wrong
The world will still go on and on
How can you stand to be this way
As you watch them all just wash away

Everything you do, will come back to you

Every time I heard the voices
Running through my head
Did you think that I?d gone crazy
From everything I said
But I knew what I was doing
And I?d do it again

I had to settle the score
I couldn?t take it anymore
Did you look them in the eye
When you sent them all off to die

How can you watch the children die
Without a tear in your eye
You watch their dreams all wash away
But there?s money to be made
How can you live with no regret
While you do it again and again

Lyrics Doug Byrkit Music Doug Byrkit
Producer Doug Byrkit Performance The Breakers
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Clean Clean

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