My Treehouse

Story Behind The Song

Reflecting back on a childhood memory

Song Description

The story of my childhood treehouse where I used to play

Song Length 3:50 Genre Country - Contemporary, Pop - Classic
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Welcoming, Relaxed Subject Houses, History, Past
Similar Artists Blake Shelton, Aaron Watson, Luke Bryan Language English
Era 2000 and later


My Treehouse

By Steve Burdette & Randy Bishop (ASCAP)
©2018, Rokit Music

I remember those warm summer mornings
I'd climb up those rickety steps
To the treehouse that my dad had built for me
I'd take some comic books and binoculars
Maybe a soda or two
And I'd be by myself with my thoughts as I'd play

'Cause in my treehouse
Well, I was quite the man
And in my treehouse
I was flyin' high like Peter Pan

I could be a super hero
I could be a football star
Alone in my world
I could travel so far
I could see the ancient pyramids
Go racing 'round the moon
Then my mom would yell
Come down for supper soon

In my treehouse
I was 10 feet tall
And in my treehouse
Yeah, I really had it all

How I miss those simple days
The ones before I came of age
And had to face the cold cruel world
When I think of how I loved that house
And all the dreams that came about
Some came true, some still wait
For another day

If I could go back knowin'
All that I know now
I'd try to tell that little man somehow
To stay as long as he possibly could
In that treehouse made of wood
Because the longer he stays
The more memories he'll make

'Cause in that treehouse
Yeah, I was quite the man
And in my treehouse
I could fly like Superman
End: I was king of the world
Master of all I surveyed
In my treehouse, where I used to play

Lyrics Randy Bishop & Steve Burdette Music Randy Bishop & Steve Burdette
Producer Randy Bishop & Steve Burdette Publisher ©2018, Rokit Music
Performance Randy Bishop & Steve Burdette
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