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Zushi, Japan
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Nigga fuck the FCC
Freedom of speech motha fucka
Rebel star
Northern Lights
Nigga cop that

It?s been a while since I wrote a rhyme,
travel my mind, see the battles of the present time
levels of crime and the underdogs will shine,
long as we tryin,
and the ones who don?t left behind.
In this life of mine there is no hope,
in my heart troubled as an adolescent.
Deal out my rocks on the block keep these bitches guessin.
And fuck a politician they never stop to listen
till a cop drops from the double glocks ammunition.
God bless the dead risen and those in hell and prison
never take the soul of a nigga it was god given.
Lyrically I murder bitches,
come be your nigga witness,
when my thugs taste their own blood
they grow more vicious.
It's like an outbreak, nobody can control
hip hop is in Japan, Afghanistan whoa.
And all you wanna be, G's is gonna see
the truth after I show you proof
just come with me.
Murda tha govena
Hey mister Police
don't make me bust at ya
I'm screamin fuck peace.
Big up to hustlas cuz tonight it goes down,
my niggas got the K
Murder with live rounds.

Hey yo this is big Z-mo from Mansfield correctional facility
We want to let that nigga Rebelstar know we support the music he makin
and the struggle is in full motha fuckin effect in the steel and concrete jungle.
Niggas in the game done lost their way talkin about the irrelevant set trippin shit.
To that Nigga Rebelstar we down to ride
Aleichem Shalom Nigga!

Neva was a gangasta don't label me a tough guy
I have been chosen to neva eva die.
Gettin caught up in the rapture
switchin pain to laughter,
cuz I got a gift that most bitches are after .
Peace to my deceased niggas gave me the game,
kick a nigga to the curb who's only out for fame.
He's empty soulless nigga, don't tempt me
pray that your card don't get pulled my enemies.
Put down your microphone leave it alone,
foe you say something that you regret be dead and gone.
Fuckin clones, be gettin treated like these pecka woods
don't step in the hood,
that's what my rhyme bout make me pull my nine out.
I been around the world nigga what ya mind bout
you little local motha fuckas need to get around
you still stuck up in the same town, I got international fame now.
motha fuckin infamous,
I got you niggas backs on a fence.
Fuck slingin crack I'm a black prince
and you know I aint got to do shit
but keep thuggin with my toothpick
Spittin live rounds

I feel like we being ignored, you know.
I feel like people want to hear about the fightin
and car chases cuz it?s exciting,
but they don?t want to do shit about it.
It?s like watchin a movie.
People want to see a movie, but at the end of the movie
they want to go home.
But when you talking about the hood, like, a poor community,
this is there home, aint no light that come on at the end of the show.

They label me a militant, but I aint feelin it.
The media be full of shit, act like they innocent.
Chasin us with ghetto birds, runnin through the projects
lookin for our get away criminal mind set.
Situation crystal clear look at what god left:
poverties philosophy, motivation to dodge death.
My little homies stay blazed up and stay strapped,
and fuck a rapper makin songs with fake facts.
Man I?m so activated I get involved dog,
flossin in three the wheel motion the fuckin boss hog.
Had to learn my lessons got me stressin to stay above ?em
should have neva freed me neva see me until I bust ?em.
That?s how it goes with 40 niggas in handcuffs.
Either they arrest or they tryin to ban us.
They ask me why do people die in the cross fire
but then they censor our lyrics and call us all liars.
Get on the right track take these 3 strikes back
These crackas jealous cuz they kids live their lives black.
That?s what you get for tryin to punish the youth
Cuz it?s easier than dealin with the truth.
Boom Live rounds

Song Length
Rap - Gangsta, Rap - General
Tempo / Feel
Medium Slow (91 - 110)
Lead Vocal
Male Vocal

Subject Matter
Similar Artist
2000 and later

Lyric Credits Charles Bradford aka Rebelstar
Music Credits Louis Rodgers aka RaJazz
Producer Credits Quill Entertainment LLC