The Mad Scientist

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He was called "The New Einstein", and he had made some revolutionary discoveries in physics and cosmology that might someday change the world. - But his social skills were a little lacking....

Song Length 4:15 Genre Pop - General
Lead Vocal Male Vocal Subject Alchohol, Beer, Wine, Energy
Language English Era 1990 - 1999


The Mad Scientist
By Millard

A group of mad scientists tried the biggest mysteries to unravel.
How God?s own Omniverse works and how to time travel.
I was one of them for a quite awhile until I spilled the beans
That secret things were going on that never could be seen.

I?m going back to that fateful night I took my girl out to dinner
To a cowboy bar with a physicist who really was a winner.
He and I had been drinking since noon. My girlfriend was really pissed
When the genius fell over into her plate trying to slobber a kiss!

The man had had a lot to drink and excused himself from the table
My girlfriend told me to leave her out next time if I was ever able.
He?d told us in no uncertain terms that his theories were most astounding
He should win the Nobel Prize! and he?d give any dissenters a pounding!

Then the hostess asked me please to go into the Lady?s Room
To retrieve my remarkable friend who was apparently in full bloom!
He?s a man who studied the stars and planets, his head was filled with facts
He dazzled with his knowledge, but he wasn?t quite known for tact.

That night galaxies and nebulae floated ?round in that Lady?s Room
As I tried to drag him out of there he blithely showed them the moon!
So this year?s Nobel Prize in Physics goes to His Brilliance
He?d opened up the stall doors and asked all the girls to dance!

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