Return From The Sea

Story Behind The Song

I've always loved the shapes of the boats and history surrounding the old sailing ships with their billowing white sails, large beam structure and creaking wooden hulls plying the deep mysterious waters of the North Atlantic or the South Pacific!. I was fortunate to spend several years working on a deep sea trawler fishing off the coast of the Yucatan Peninsula many years ago. I'd gained skills as a radar air traffic controller in the Air Force and so was able to fill the position of radar navigator on the Sea Trek and later the Streaker, boats operated by good family friends. It was a fantastic adventure for a young girl at that time. My love of the deep water and its history grew even deeper. Return From The Sea stems from my interest in that seagoing environment and the associated Americana history.

Song Description

Mid 1800s, the North Atlantic, along the New England seacoast, men earn their living to support their families with money earned from spending weeks or years aboard sailing, fishing, even whaling ships. From the widow's walk, she frequently looks out over the garden of flowers leading down to the sea in hopes of spying his ship returning her love to her arms. It's her constant thought and focus. At last the catch hold is filled with the fruits of the ships labor destined to bring rich wages to all hands who've toiled on board for many months away from home. Now he can make ready to return homeward to the love he left behind. Racing to make ocean passage before the North wind affects their speed each man on the crew thinks of the homecoming comfort that awaits. Both points of view are captured in the song's lyrics alternating thru the verse and chorus. My goal was to create an organic sound that might offer a feel for that long ago Americana environment. The lyrics are moved along thru the use of several instruments, rain stick, wooden frog, wind-chime, that hopefully convey the old-world feel and environment as if the sailors are playing along in the tune with objects that might be found on the deck of the ship. Since its creation this has been my favorite song-child. I hope you enjoy it.

Song Length 3:11 Genre Folk - Americana, World - Celtic
Tempo Medium Fast (131 - 150) Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Mood Anxious, Restless Subject Life, Lover
Similar Artists Historic Americana Language English
Era 1800 - 1899


Return From The Sea By Marie Jarreau 2-3-2018

Daffodils layer the landscape
Primroses peek from the fence-post
As we patiently wait for my love to return from the sea

Hurry now boys bring the nets in
The catch-hold is filled to the brim
Pack up those pails, let billow the sails it's time to ride homeward the wind


Stack up the dories and let fly Old Glory 'tis home now that I want to be
Fishin' was fine - we'll have money this time and my love is waiting for me


Hurry now boys sail to westward
The following seas push us forth
Batten down hatches and tack down the latches before the winds cross from the North

Shadows on the horizon and white caps a'risin' - We now must return from the sea
(CHORUS to end)
Return from the sea
Return from the sea

Lyrics Marie Jarreau Music Marie Jarreau
Producer Marie Jarreau Publisher Marie Jarreau
Performance Marie Jarreau, Paul Simons Label WoodHaven Sound
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