Wow & Near- demo

Song Description

Epic, very impactful classical track.

Song Length 4:11 Genre Classical - Contemporary, Unique - Soundtracks
Tempo Multiple Tempos Lead Vocal Instrumental
Mood Enchanting, Ecstatic Similar Artists Hans Zimmer, John Williams
Language No Language Era 1980 - 1989

Very good instrumentation and recording. Great job

I love the low brass obbligato... The trumpet rising on top of it all... The change rhythm with the addition of triplets... the use of the triplet figure again in the quiet section toward the end. Right about 4:01, the use of the obbligato as a final strong statement. Well written. The use of the low vocals in the beginning is a good addition to the palette.

Music South Florida Gospel Music Award nominee Kevin Desire Producer Kevin Desire
Publisher Cle-Ru Publishing/SESAC Performance Kevin Desire
Label V.A.D. Music Group
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Ionut Mirel Udrea Best Classical - Contemporary Songs 9/27/2015
Ionut Mirel Udrea Best Unique - Soundtracks Songs 9/27/2015
Ionut Mirel Udrea Best Classical 9/27/2015
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