Karma Kickback

Song Description

Wrote this song while I was driving cab for a living. Yeah, it's about bad driving habits. (But it's not road rage!)

Song Length 5:03 Genre Blues - Rock


It's a low down dirty shame.
The way you treat your fellow man.
You better get your priorities straight.
You gotta start doing what you can.

You gotta watch out for that Karma Kickback.
It's watching everything you do.
Look out 'cause it's gonna come back.
It's coming right on back to you.
It's the Karma Kickback.

It's a big, big bummer babe.
You better stop your cheating ways.
If you don't I know that you.
Man, will really pay.

Lyrics James Eisele Music James Eisele
Producer James Eisele Publisher Blues By Night Music
Performance James Eisele & Blues By Night Label Blues By Night Records
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