Tha Bishop feat. Tone Jonez - Send It Right Back (Remix)

Song Length 3:50 Genre Rap - Hip Hop, Pop - Alternative
Tempo Slow (71 - 90) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Relaxed, In High Spirits Subject Relationship, Happiness
Similar Artists , NONE! Language English

different, good harmonies and layering vocals

I liked the message of the song like a good karma send out love and get it right back I was not expecting this kind of a message from a rap song The rap songs I have listen to usually do not offer this type of hope for message. The song sounded very professionally done definitely something I could hear on the radio it is as good as any rap song I have heard In terms of production instruments and vocals and the overall presentation

Finally, a rap/hip hop song with No Bad Words. Yay. The theme is Love Unconditional. The repetitive theme: I'm gonna send you love; you send it right back. The repetition pays off as the songwriter fleshes out the chorus in the verses. There's great interplay between the voices with some sweet tenor voices that really shine in this track. I like the part about no guns. Love the rat/bat rhyme. Great job on this song!

Not a genre I listen to often, but this is fantastic!! Really a quality production! Great performance and production! I like the positive message.....really, really nice!! This sounds completely pro to me. AWESOME!!!

Great song, great flow, instrumentation, message, lyrics and definitely a great vibe. Well done!

Lyrics H. Wallace Davis Jr Music Tone Jonez
Producer Tone Jonez Publisher James-Wallace Publishing/BMI
Performance Tha Bishop feat. Tone Jonez Label Husky Records LLC
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