This Ain't Love

Story Behind The Song

When you realize that the relationship you're in, isn't bad, but it's not love either.

Song Length 5:26 Genre Jazz - General, Pop - Easy Listening
Tempo Very Slow (Under 70) Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Mood Heartbreaking Subject Breaking Up, Lost Love
Similar Artists Diana Krall, Etta James Language English
Era 2000 and later


Baby, it's been a beautiful ride
and I've loved every second with you by my side
But even the sweetest song must end
They all must end

You've been a crutch that I've leaned on too long
It's time for me to stand on my own
There's no use pretending there's something there when there's not
But it was worth a shot
It was worth a shot

This ain't love and it's time to say goodbye
Before my chance at something real
Up and passes me by
This ain't love and I think you know it too
I've just been a warm body that you've held on to
But this ain't love
No, no baby
This ain't love

And I know in time, we're gonna be alright
We might have to suffer a few lonely nights
And I promise I'll resist the urge to call
No, I won't call
I'll try not to call

Repeat chorus

No, no baby
This ain't love
It sure felt good
but this ain't love
and I'm gonna miss you
but this ain't love

Lyrics Holly Benton Music Holly Benton
Producer Dustin Bannister Performance Holly Benton
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