Born to Fail

Story Behind The Song

I've lived in the Ghetto, the Suburbs, the Country and the city. I've also lived with and fought against racism for a long time. I just couldn't live with myself without saying something about what these confused people are going through. This song is about someone who's lost and hopeless falling in with the racists who look for those kind of people to recruit into their cause. It's about feeling being trapped which I think a lot of those people feel like.

Song Description

Starts off with a slow rythmic verse, crashes into the second verse, fast break down into a fast verse, back into a break down, into a slow verse, ends with a repitition verse

Song Length 4:27 Genre Rock - Hard Rock, Rock - Indie/Low-Fi
Subject Race/Ethnicity Language English
Era 2000 and later


You run and run and running, yeah they?re taking you in,
next you fall and fall in, now you can?t recall when,
you thought, without hate, all you feel, is the rage,
the pain it, drives you, and at the same time, it?s slowly killing you,

And your living blind, yeah, you?ve left behind, the face in front of you, to follow, to follow, blind,

And as you, raise your, righteous hand, you don?t see, that it?s lost all benevolence, and that darkened sky, has closed up your eyes, to the truth,

And with, every, fist you raise, a piece of you is, beat away,
you?re losing, you?re losing, you?re losing,

Lyrics Mark Caddo Music Mark Caddo
Producer Christian Cummings Performance Mark Caddo
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